Air Lift Double Bellow Rear Kit Mk5/Mk6

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The updated Air Lift Mk5 and Mk6 Platform rear kit is here at last. With double bellow rear bags, the new kit avoids rubbing issues and provides superior ride comfort. 

This rear kit goes as low as the previous Slam Series rear kit from Air Lift by trimming the lower black u-shaped mounting brackets. The Double Bellow Rear Kit can be used on both cars with and without the upper spring perches and if you're starting fresh, there's no need to cut off the 'nipples' (upper spring perches) to gain maximum lowness! Returning the car back to stock is as easy as installing your oem rear springs!

AirLift Performance is a leader in the air suspension market and UroTuning is proud to be one of Air Lifts top authorized dealers in the country. Air Lift Performance is paving the way with revolutionary air management systems and suspension set-ups that will truly allow you to DRIVE IT, SHOW IT, TRACK IT!

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