Water Pump and Housing Metal - VW/Audi 2.0T TSi

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Part# 06H121026DD-Graf

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This Aluminum housing and metal impeller water pump for the 2.0T TSI engine solves a major concern with the original VW or Audi water pump. The original 2.0T TSI water pump was made of plastic which makes it more vulnerable for failure.

The 2.0T TSI engine can have oil leak issues that can run down the front of the engine block on to the water pump housing. After some time this oil will ruin the plastic of the water pump, causing a coolant leak. This high quality GRAF brand aluminum water pump housing will prevent any future water pump failures for your 2.0t TSI engine.

Also included new water temp sensor and O-ring.

Part #'s

 06H-121-026-DD / 06H121026 DD / 06H 121 026 DD

06H-121-026-CQ / 06H121026 CQ / 06H 121 026 CQ / 06H121026CQ

 06-H12-102-6BA /  06H12102 6BA /  06 H12 102 6BA/  06H121026BA

06H-121-026-CF / 06H121026 CF / 06H 121 026 CF / 06H121026CF

 06-H12-102-6AF /  06H12102 6AF /  06 H12 102 6AF/  06H121026AF

06H-121-026-DN / 06H121026 DN / 06H 121 026 DN / 06H121026DN

06H-121-026-DR / 06H121026 DR / 06H 121 026 DR / 06H121026DR

Graf Part # 24-1359 / 241359

For Engine Codes CCTA, CAED and CAEB

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