AWE Tuning Exhaust Remote for Mk7 Golf R and 8V Audi S3

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The AWE Tuning SwitchPath Remote. Push-button mood control.

  • Open and close exhaust valves with the push of a button from inside the cabin at any time
  • Works with stock system, or AWE Tuning SwitchPath Exhaust
  • Comes as a set of two remotes with wiring harness, control box and mounting hardware
  • Compact design perfect for a keychain or cup holder
  • From quiet to aggressive with the tap of a button

What it does:

The AWE Tuning SwitchPath Remote and accompanying control box overrides the factory valving to allow the exhaust valves, whether it be on the AWE Tuning SwitchPath Exhaust or the stock exhaust, to be opened or closed manually via the SwitchPath Remote.

How to operate:

With the AWE Tuning SwitchPath Controller installed, the exhaust valves can be opened by pressing the "On" button found on the left side of the SwitchPath Remote. To close the exhaust valves simply press the "Off" button on the right side of the remote.

What’s in the box:

The AWE Tuning SwitchPath Remote comes complete as a kit with two remotes, two mounting brackets, the SwitchPath Controller, and easy to follow instructions.

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