Burger Motorsport N20 N26 Chargepipe (NLA)

Part# Burger-N20-N26-Chargepipe

Increase throttle response and decrease turbo lag!
For 2012+ N20 N26 motors. Upgrade your flimsy plastic chargepipe with this stronger higher flow replacement. Features all aluminum construction with CNC flanges that mount to the OEM mounting points for a reliable and easy to install connection. Also includes an 1/8" NPT methonalanol injection bung. Just remove the included cap when you're ready to install your methonalanol kit. 100% reversible and all required hardware is included. Includes 2 preinstalled bungs ready to receive your 1/8" NPT nozzle like the CM10 we include with all of our methonalanol kits. Just remove the included cap to install your nozzle and you're off and running.

N20 N26 BMW Chargepipe Features
  • Increase throttle response and decreases turbo lag
  • Replaces the factory soft plastic charge pipe that is prone to breaking under high boost
  • Lightweight High Grade 6061 Aluminum Piping.
  • Throttle body matched 3" piping
  • Precision CNC machined MAP sensor flange ensures leak free connection
  • Features beaded ends and T-bolt clamps to prevent intercooler piping from coming off from boost
  • Strong Solid Design & Appearance
  • Fits 2012+ BMW 328i/320i/428i/420i N20/N26 Single Turbo Engine
N20 BMW charge pipe upgrade boost software
N20 N26 BMW Nitrus methonalanol injection charge pipe metal
BMW 135 335 Blow Off Valve BOV N20 N20 BMW turbo charge pipe chargepipe F30


Based in Simi Valley, California, Burger Motorsports is a manufacturer of high quality performance parts including the famous JB4 tuner, a wide range of air intakes, oil catch cans, and beautiful custom exhaust tips.

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