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• Increased Power and Torque
• Faster Turbo Spool 
• Improved Exhaust Note


The ARM MK7 Downpipe is an essential upgrade if you're looking to tune your Gen 3 EA888 equipped VW. The stock downpipe robs your EA888 engine with high back-pressure suffocating your turbo and stifling your power goals. Replacing your OEM downpipe with the ARM MK7 Downpipe will significantly improve exhaust flow, reducing the back-pressure generated by your turbocharger. The result of the increased exhaust flow is faster turbo spool, increased power and torque, and a nice improvement in exhaust note.

In addition, the improved exhaust flow will allow you to run increased boost targets commonly found with advanced Stage 2+ tuning software. Attempting to run Stage 2+ tuning files over 25psi with the stock downpipe can put excessive stress on your turbocharger and is not recommended.


Made of TIG welded T304 grade stainless steel, the ARM MK7 Downpipe is designed to fit your MK7 perfectly. The ARM MK7 Downpipe is constructed of a single piece design. This solid-unit construction eliminates the exhaust leaks and installation issues commonly found with it's multi-piece downpipe counterparts.

The laser-cut mounting bracket and CNC machined mounting prongs make for a precise fitment to your stock downpipe mounting points.

The ARM MK7 Downpipe kit comes with both the reducer to connect to the stock exhaust system, or a straight 3" adapter to connect to your upgraded cat-back exhaust. This connection utilizes a CNC machined v-band system for connecting between the downpipe and adapter of your choice. The v-band is a superior connection type compared to a slip-fit or bolt on connection as it maintains a more study and reliable seal between the two ends.

The ARM MK7 Downpipe incorporates a stainless steel flex section between the turbo and mid-pip mounting point. The addition of this flex section reduces tension on turbocharger caused from torsion during hard acceleration, cornering, and braking.

The ARM MK7 Downpipe gives you an immediate improvement in turbo spool, power and torque. Pairing the ARM MK7 Catted Downpipe with a proper tune will yield gains up to 60whp and 105wtq on the stock IS20 turbocharger.

- Optional 200 Cell High-Flow Catalyst: Replaces the resonator on the standard catless downpipe and reduces exhaust fumes and chance of getting a check engine light (CEL).

- Catalyst in OEM position: Does not require O2 extension wires, and properly warms up compared to downstream catalyst placement


• ARM Mk7 Downpipe
• Stock Exhaust Reducer
• Upgraded Exhaust Extension
• Mounting Hardware

⚠️CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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