First Equipment Quality (FEQ) provides high quality OEM style suspension products for Volkswagen and Audi, including rubber and metal items, front wheel drive axles, wheel hub bearings, and more! With global manufacturing facilities being ISO 9001, ISO TS/16949 and ISO 14001 Certified, FEQ parts are held to the highest standards which provides superior products.


Without great axle assemblies, all that power your motor is making never makes it to the wheels! That's the reason FEQ creates axle components made to last. OEM axles are prone to failure - the most common symptom of a failed CV Joint are clicking noises, particularly while turning, and vibrations in the steering wheel.

It is recommended to replace the entire axle if a CV Joint should fail since you'll already have the axle out. Why chance having to make an additional repair later on? A new axle will come with new CV Joints and boots.


FEQ wheel bearings and hub assemblies provide heavy duty performance, improved, fuel economy, and reduced weight. These bearings are maintenance free - fully lubricated and sealed for life!

Featuring integrated sensors, these hubs and bearings utilize a factory-sealed assembly to avoid contamination and require zero pre-load adjustment.


Are your strut mounts worn out and causing an issue with ride quality or performance? FEQ strut mounts are OE Quality and are manufactured using only the highest quality materials and is designed to reduce road noise and vibration.

Get your suspension back to showroom spec with brand new strut mount kits from FEQ!


Bad motor mounts can cause diminished performance and degraded ride quality. Stiffen up your engine with a new motor mount. Grab your engine by the top and shake it. If it moves rather significantly, replace all the mounts to stiffen up your entire driveline for better performance! FEQ mounts are comparable with stock hardness and will restore a factory type feel.

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