Mirror Hangers with UroTuning Logo


Part# UroTuning-Wood-Hanger

Does This Fit Your Car?

UroTuning is pleased to offer you yet another way to represent the brand! you can hang these from your rear view mirror, or anywhere else you can think of! They are made from real wood and laser engraved!

Thanks to all who ordered during the Donation Period!

Sep 6th - Hurricane Harvey devastated southeastern Texas with unprecedented and catastrophic flooding and now we are facing Hurricane Irma bearing down on our home state of Florida. We will be donating all the proceeds of these mirror hangers to the Red Cross disaster relief. To date we have sold 57 of these to donate $570. But we aren't stopping! We ordered in more and have almost 100 more to sell. Thanks to all those who have supported thus far and lets keep all those impacted in our thoughts and prayers. This hanger will come with a special edition red rope.

You can read more about the Red Cross' efforts here. UroTuning thanks you for your commitment to helping those in need <3

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