Vargas Turbocharger Technologies specializes in manufacturing, servicing and rebuilding upgraded turbochargers and turbocharger accessories. Vargas Turbocharger Technologies has experience in all different shapes and sizes for the automotive performance aftermarket and OEM sector.



VTT is proud to announce a ground-up system designed to give the end user complete control over their valve cover/ PCV set up. Tired of being told you will run two -10 lines from your VC to your Catch Can? So were we. Now you can run them any way you want, including complete VTA, oil cap one-way breather, etc. Nothing on the market comes close to the versatility of this setup, and it truly is the ULTIMATE Valve cover, PCV combo, or Valve cover, or PCV set up. You choose how many or how few you want to run. Check out this video highlighting some of the features then rea.

This option allows you to purchase a ready to install kit with all fittings, hoses, check valve, etc for you to bolt on, and go. Prices vary by kit.



Save money and rebuild your turbo's! Vargus Turbo Technologies has you covered.

Need N54 turbo replacements, don’t have full turbo replacements in your budget, like wrenching on your own stuff? If you answered yes to any of those questions, the VTT N54 CHRA replacements are perfect for you!

We now offer the choice between rebuilt VTT CHRA replacements, using N54 cores, or 100% BRAND NEW units! Every part including all housing, wheels, and internals are 100% new, not built from cores, if you want new units instead of rebuilt, please choose this for an upgrade charge of $100, keep in mind new turbos do not require a core charge, so you do not have go through the hassle of sending your cores in!


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