42DD Oil Pressure Relocation Kit - VW | Audi

Part# 42-022

The Problem: I want to install an oil pressure gauge in my VW but there's nowhere to install the sender.
The Answer: 42's Oil Pressure Relocation Kit!

Most VW/Audi engines offer no simple location to install an aftermarket oil pressure sender. In some cases there may be a blank plug on the oil filter flange but the sending unit won't physically fit. In most cases there is a stock sending unit but no blank plug. Problem solved.

Our oil pressure relocation kit allows you to remotely install two oil pressure sending units in one port. Remote installation offers many advantages over T-fittings and permanent modifications. Fitment of bulky aftermarket senders is effortless especially where space is limited. Mounting off the engine eliminates vibrations allowing for significantly longer sender life and no leaks. Installation is simplified and the senders are easily serviced.

Our kit uses a 12" hydraulic hose and M10x1 adaptor to properly tap into the VW oil filter flange. The included hose is a stainless steel inner braid hydraulic hose capable of holding 10,000 psi and any heat the engine bay can deliver. Sending units are mounted on our custom CNC machined relocation block. This block is a simple cross, threaded to accept the 1/8" NPT hose, stock M10x1 sending unit, and your choice of M10x1 or 1/8 NPT aftermarket sending units. Plugs are included to plug the spare port. A built-in stainless steel ground screw assures the sending units are properly grounded. A machined slot allows for solid mounting using a heavy duty zip-tie. Ground wire and terminal connectors are included.

Relocation Block Details:
  • Port 1 - 1/8" NPT threads (relocation hose)
  • Port 2 - M10x1 threads (stock VW sending unit)
  • Port 3 - M10x1 threads (aftermarket sending unit or plug)
  • Port 4 1/8 NPT threads (aftermarket sending unit or plug)
  • All thread sizes clearly marked by engraving
  • Ground Screw - #8-32 threads, stainless steel socket cap screw

Hose Details:
  • 1/8" NPT male threads
  • Stainless steel inner braid
  • 10,000+ psi

Fitting Details:
  • M10x1 male threads
  • 1/8" NPT female threads
  • 42 part # 42-901
  • Please confirm the thread pitch of your aftermarket sender before ordering. This kit is designed to install an aftermarket M10x1 or 1/8 NPT sending unit in a VW.

Worried about leaks?
Don't be. The relocation block and M10 adaptor have been precision machined and threaded. One wrap of Teflon tape on all threads will stop any and all oil leaks. If the kit is installed as intended there will never be any leaks! Each port is clearly labeled by engraving, so mixing thread sizes is nearly impossible.

Worried about mounting?
The kit has been designed in a universal fashion to allow fitment in all VW models. This kit can be installed in a mk1 Rabbit, a mk5 Rabbit, and everything in between. The machined slot and included heavy duty cable ties will solidly mount the relocation block and senders anywhere the hose will reach. The senders can be routed downwards towards the oil pan or upwards towards the intake manifold. Our only mounting recommendation is that the block not be secured to electrical wires.

Additional Information
  • The spare port cannot be used for an oil temperature sender. Though the sender may fit, there is no circulation of oil in this adaptor. Temperatures may never exceed 200.
  • The spare port can be used for a turbo oil feed line connection if necessary. Pay careful attention to thread pitches! All USA made aftermarket turbo oil feed lines use 1/8" NPT threads.
  • In applications where the engine uses two factory oil pressure senders, both M10x1 ports can be used. The 1/8" NPT port will house a 1/8" NPT aftermarket sender. This configuration opens an additional port on the motor for oil temperature or a turbo oil feed line. Example - MK3 12v VR6.

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