ABT Power Upgrade - Audi 3.0T / Q7 4M (NLA)

Part# 4M0A1030408DCBD/1V

From 335 HP / 369 lb-ft to approx. 402 HP / 405 lb-ft

Power increase is based on 93 octane fuel. Increase is less with 91 octane fuel.

Kit Includes:

- Additional ABT ECU with wiring harness
- Mounting bracket
- ABT trunk logo


The AEC continuously synchronizes more than 25 different parameters and communicates directly with the engine control unit. This provides best possible power utilization for your engine while offering maximum protection.

To prevent damage to the engine and its parts, different component protection measures are adapted in the ABT Engine Control unit – individually for each vehicle. In addition, all protective measures of the production control unit are retained without restrictions. The same applies to the diagnostics capability of the production control unit.

    • Engine temperature: If the engine is too cold or too hot (coolant and/or oil), only the production power of the engine is released.
    • Charge air temperature: If the charge air temperature is too high, the power is also reduced to the production level.
    • Height: The power increase is reduced to protect the turbocharger at high altitudes in order to prevent exceeding its maximum rpm.


      ABT stands for quality at manufacturer's level: At our state-of-the-art development center in Kempten (Germany), all engines and technologies are put through their paces on a high-end chassis dynamometer by the best engineers. Fine adjustment takes place in real vehicle operation over 3000 to 5000 km. In contrast to most competitors, this is done by changing the sensor values not with a two-dimensional characteristic curve but with a three-dimensional map. The maps for the individual channels are usually set up over the engine speed and the relative engine load.

      Software profile: We use our experience from motorsports for the programming and functionalities of the ABT Engine Control.


      The high-tech ABT Engine Control unit analyzes all performance-relevant data and translates them directly into ABT POWER commands.

      The relative load is calculated from the charge pressure and the ambient pressure in the engine. In addition to this, a compensation is installed for the relative load for journeys at all altitude levels.

      The engine speed is captured in real time and can be configured individually for each engine.

      Individual application of the maps means that a change in the sensor values only takes place when the engine nears full load. This in turn means that the sensor values are changed only in very few areas of the actual engine load range.


      The cable harnesses for the ABT Engine Control are individually tailored and protected against spray water. They can easily be integrated into the vehicle infrastructure, which also includes the vehicle communication networks. Installation is very easy thanks to the defined installation position of the AEC using a stainless steel bracket system and the production central connector.

      The ABT Engine Control module is protected against external influences by a GoreTex membrane. This protective skin is breathable and offers permanent protection against moisture inside the AEC. This ensures a particularly long service life of the AEC.

      No problems in any environment: The ABT Engine Control has passed all relevant environmental tests, e.g. electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), salt spray test, thermal shock.


      The individual and splash-proof cable harnesses enable problem-free integration of the ABT system in the vehicle infrastructure, including the vehicle-internal communication networks. Thanks to the series central plug, installation can be realised quite simply. Here the competing solutions still often require disconnecting and soldering of the cables which is fraught with errors.


      ABT offers their own technical component reports from TÜV Rheinland to provide a problem-free registration of the power upgrade. With this ABT customers can be sure to have a car that is comfortable to law.

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