AccuAir e-Level+ e+ Connect + Height NLA


AccuAir is excited to announce the release of e-Level+, their next generation of air suspension management system. e-Level+ is built on the foundation of the longest running technology in the industry, now with better performance, more robust hardware, and Bluetooth 5.0 integration.

e-Level+ is entering the market with a whole new price point and upgrade path. This kit includes the e+ Connect and e+ Height sensor kit. This will give you the power of the all new AccuAir e-Level+ app (on your own iOS / Android device, Phone NOT included) We guarantee you'll find features and values that meet all needs. NOTE this kit also requires a VX4 manifold (add option above).

AccuAir e+ Connect

The foundation of your control system, AccuAir e+ Connect. Includes ECU+, Main harness and Pressure Sensor along with installation hardware.

  • User programmable LED backlighting adds your choice of color and brightness to draw just the right amount of attention to your air suspension install.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 provides maximum range with easy connectivity integrating the most powerful Bluetooth chip allowed in the USA. Connect to your car automatically and enjoy a wireless connection to your air suspension like never before.

AccuAir e+ Height

The leveling upgrade to make your control system e-Level+. Includes height sensors, harnesses and hardware.

Adds height sensors to provide accurate leveling regardless of load. Your vehicles handling performance and ride quality will be consistent and true to how it set your heights. The most trusted method of controlling air suspension on all air suspension equipped factory vehicles, don't be fooled by gimmicks to ditch height sensors.

e-Level+ App

The new AccuAir e-Level+ App allows for wireless control of your air suspension along useful height and tank pressure indication.
  • Realtime Height Indication shows the percentage of vehicle height at each corner
  • Tank Pressure Gauge
  • Compressor Status and CVT feedback
  • Over-The-Air Updates allow access to the latest features and even updates your CVT when connected
  • Better diagnostics for help installing and using your system
  • Frequent updates to the app

Accuair eLevel e+ Connect

Accuair eLevel e+ Connect

Accuair eLevel e+ Connect

AccuAir E-Level+ E+ Height Info

(Phone NOT included)

AccuAir e-Level+ App

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