Active Autowerke Active-8 Tune / BMW F8X / M3 / M4 - (NLA)

Part# AA-Active8-F8X-S55 is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!


Active Autowerke Active-8 Tuning Box for F8X M3 / M4

The ACTIVE-8 is our latest software tuning module. The ACTIVE-8 will effectively raise the performance level of your F80 BMW M3 and F82/83 BMW M4 and be installed in under an hour.

With a 64-bit processor, the ACTIVE-8 module communicates with your BMW's DME faster than any other piggyback on the market – allowing us to turn up the boost and unleash horsepower and torque reliably and consistently all the way to redline.

With the ACTIVE-8 module installed, expect to see gains of 40-75 RWHP and 60-80 RWTQ depending on the octane level available in your area

The best part? No Check Engine Lights.


  • 64-Bit Processor
  • Available for 91-93 octane (based on AKI rating)
  • Gain 40-75 RWHP & 60-80 RWTQ on pump gas
  • Easy to install - no splicing wires or drilling required!
  • BMW factory-like harness w/dedicated hardware for discrete mounting
  • When removed, leaves no trace of installation
  • In-house tuning w/ documented results from our chassis dyno
  • Sealed water/shock-proof housing and connectors to protect against heat & outside elements

    Active Autowerke Tuning Box Benefits

    • Besides having a clean, OEM look and being incredibly simple to install; the ACTIVE-8 tuning module is unmatched in regards to making reliable and consistent power. What separates the ACTIVE-8 from other piggyback devices is how rapidly our module communicates with the BMW DME thanks in part to the device’s 64-bit processor. The advantages of this faster processing speed becomes clear when comparing dyno graphs from an ACTIVE-8 equipped vehicle to those of a vehicle equipped with a competitor’s tuning solution. The power curve for an ACTIVE-8 car will be much smoother. Other piggyback devices with slower processors may have a hard time maintaining a consistent power curve due to the slower processing speeds.

    Active Autowerke BMW Software Installation

    • Installation couldn’t be easier. Each ACTIVE-8 module is pre-programmed here at Active Autowerke by our software engineers for a specific vehicle. This is why we need your VIN # upon purchase. The ACTIVE-8 has a dedicated, pre-wired engine harness fabricated with factory-like terminals for quick and easy connection and disconnection. Installing the ACTIVE-8 tuning module is so easy, it can be installed and ready to go in under an hour. A fully-illustrated installation guide is included with each ACTIVE-8 module to help make installing the module as easy as possible.

    Part# AA-Active8-F8X-S55 is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!


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