Active Autowerke Performance Tune - BMW E85 Z4M (NLA)

Part# AA-E85-Z4M-Tune


Active Autowerke's Engineers have spent countless amount of years fine tuning the BMW Z4M software tune to take full advantage of your S54 inline 6's potential. With countless revisions and updates being made through our Race and Forced Induction program, we have been able to bring this BMW Z4M upgrade to the street. Whether you enjoy your car as a daily driver or enjoy the weekend track outings our BMW Z4M performance software will be able to accommodate your needs. With careful, detailed remapping to the entire DME we have been able to increase your S54's output by 14 HP and 11 ft lbs of torque for a normal street car. We also have different upgrades available for offroad use like 02 Simulation.

Key Features:

-Improved Gas Mileage
-Sportier throttle response
-Available for 91-93 octane
-Smoother pulls through RPM band
-Off Road options for cars without cats
-Increase RPM Limiter for Manual Cars
-15 HP gain & 12 ft lbs of torque
-Expect Higher Gains with bolt on Modifications

Software Options:

1) Included is a Simon 2 Cable to intall the software yourself.

2) Don't want to do it yourself? Take it one to one of our flash station dealers in your area.

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