aFe Pro 5 R | Stage 1 Intake System | Mk3 VR6 2.8L

Part# 54-10821

aFe Intake System - Stage 1: For a great value and easy installation the aFe Stage 1 Air Intake Systems adds instant horsepower and torque with quality and performance you can trust.

* *One-Piece Heat Shield* - Welded, one-piece heat shields use no additional brackets for the easiest installation possible.
* *Rubber Trim Seal* - aFe uses top-quality flexible rubber trim seal between the heat shield and vehicle hood to block hot air from the filter.
* *3-Angle Adapter* - Specially developed velocity stack with 3 different angles dramatically increase airflow from the filter to the intake tube.
* *Quality Hardware* - aFe uses only top-quality hardware like stainless steel button head bolts and brass inserts.

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