Agency Power Adjustable Front Sway Bar Links - 986 / 996 C2/GT3 - (NLA)

Part# AP-996-205

Improving upon handling on any car is a must for achieving the best driving results. The factory Porsche C2 is a great platform to begin. However, with a rear engine, rear wheel drive car, over and under steer poses a problem. One of the first steps is upgrading the sway bars to correct this. When you upgrade sway bars, it is best to change out the factory end links to an adjustable style which will give you the ability to corner balance the car properly. In addition, the Agency Power sway bar links can be used on both the factory style sway bars, and the highly adjustable GT3 sway bar upgrade that is common.

These sway bar links give you over 2 inches of adjustment with the alloy steel spherical bearing rod ends. The CNC machined aluminum centers from 6061 material are anodized Brilliant Blue to match the rest of the AP suspension upgrades. High strength steel hardware is included for durability, longevity, and a great style.

  • The sway bar links are sold as pairs and fit the 99 and up Porsche 996 C2 and GT3 and the 97-04 Boxster 986.

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