Alternator - VW/Audi / 2.0T FSi / 3.2L & 3.6L VR6 / TDi / A3 / TT / Golf / Jetta / Passat / Beetle

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Reliance remanufactured alternators are re-engineered and remanufactured to exacting standards for unsurpassed dependability.

The extensive remanufacturing process includes total core disassembly, extensive component replacement and rigorous three-phase testing to ensure that every alternator delivers performance you can depend on. Reliance alternators are backed by one of the strongest warranties in the industry - guaranteeing performance for years to come.

Top 5 component re-engineering:

  • Load-tested rectifier
  • Precision-polished slip rings
  • 100% NEW brushes
  • 100% NEW bearings
  • Electronically-tested rotor/stator

Remanufactured to the Highest Quality

Rest assured that Reliance starters and alternators are remanufactured in state-of-the-art, ISO/TS 16949 Certified facilities. TS 16949 is the industry's demanding quality standard developed by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF), a panel of the automotive industry, major manufacturers, accreditation bodies, registrars and suppliers, who represent the highest quality standards achievable for an automotive parts supplier and the International Organization for Standards (ISO).

All Reliance units are also subjected to T3+ Testing, a triple stage, multiple testing methodology combining standardized procedures with custom diagnostic and testing equipment. This industry-leading rigorous testing standard ensures that every Reliance unit shipped is undeniably durable and reliable. T3+ Testing requires that each unit is subjected to scrutiny under 3 types of testing during the remanufacturing process, plus random unit audits after production.

  • Test 1 - Initial sample approvals test all components to validate specifications and functionality.
  • Test 2 - All critical sub-assemblies are 100% tested on specialized equipment prior to final assembly.
  • Test 3 - Completed units are individually end-of-line tested on proprietary, load-based testers across a full range of operating requirements.
  • Test +: Random unit audit testing.

         Part # 06F-903-023-FX / 06F903023 FX / 06F 903 023 FX

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