APR Boost leak tester - K03/K04/Stage3 Adapter (NLA)

Part# DT100003

APR is pleased to present Boost Leak Testing Systems for various engine configurations., , Boost leaks are a common cause for running issues and power loss on turbocharged vehicles. Leaks can come from scenarios as simple as a tiny hole in an intercooler or charge piping, a leaky connection, damaged DV or PCV and/or any number of other locations making troubleshooting very difficult. Furthermore, locating a leak is made more difficult due to the necessity to pressurizing the system, which typically only occurs while physically operating the vehicle., , The APR Boost Leak Testing Systems allows for both visual and auditory inspection on a stationary vehicle. The kit allows for supplying and regulating a continuous supply of compressed air, typically via an air compressor, through the system., , The process is simple:, , - Connect the adapter to the application specific connection location (usually at the turbocharger)., - Connect the pressure regulator hose to the adapter's bung., - Ensure the pressure regulator is turned all the way down and then connect a continuous air supply to the regulator., - Pressurize the system to normal operating pressure., - Listen for leaks and spray soapy water on connections and look for bubbles to indicate a leak., , Once the leak is found, simply take the necessary steps to stop the leak and go on enjoying more power and a better driving experience!

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