ATP Turbo GTRS Eliminator Hardware Kit for 225 HP Model - Audi Quattro 1.8T 98-05 / S3 / A3 / TT (NLA)

Part# ATP-VVW-164

350HP 98-05 VW 1.8T GTRS Eliminator Hardware Kit. Fits all Quattro 1.8T S3/TT, does not fit FWD Models. Also does not fit the 180HP Quattro model.

This unit is uniquely built to drop right in and replace your stock turbo. It's compatible with the factory stock exhaust manifold and stock downpipe (or stock flanged high flow downpipe). This is a very stealth and easy to install Garrett dual ball bearing turbo that is capable of a lot of power, in the stock location package.

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