ATP Turbo GTRS Eliminator Hardware Kit - VW/Audi 02-05 1.8T A4 / Passat (NLA)

Part# ATP-VVW-151-9701

Up to 350HP (octane dependent), Ball bearing GTRS bolt-on turbo kit utilizing stock exhaust manifold in stock location. All hardware required for complete bolt-on. Completely stealth and stock appearing. Retains all emissions related components. Fueling kit is recommended to compliment this hardware kit.

Click here for installation manual.

This unit is uniquely built to drop right in and replace your stock turbo. It's compatible with the factory stock exhaust manifold and stock downpipe (or stock flanged high flow downpipe). This is a very stealth and easy to install Garrett dual ball bearing turbo that is capable of a lot of power, but in the stock location package.

ATP-VVW-151 in its standard/default form is a 350HP model turbo utilizing the GT2860RS turbo, hence the name GTRS

Ordering Eliminator2871R Upgrade Option causes a substitute of the internal turbo parts to the 400HP model GT2871R turbo. The upside in going with this option is it allows the turbo to potentially make up to 400HP (instead of 350HP) and the potential downside is more turbo lag (by 300-400 RPM later spool) due to the larger size turbo.

Parts Checklist (Bill Of Materials):

1. Turbocharger unit with integral waste gate - Eliminator Series (GTRS or GT2X)
2. GT oil inlet restrictor/fitting
3. Oil return studs(8mm to 6mm), nuts and a gasket
4. Gasket (Turbo to manifold)
5. Gasket (Turbo to Cat converter)
6. 3x 10mm Hex Head Bolts (Turbo to manifold) along with washers
7. 3x 10mm studs (Turbo to Cat converter)
8. 3x 10mm copper locknuts (Turbo to Cat converter)
9. 6x 30mm hose clamps to replace all 1 time use factory clamps removed during install
10. Coolant loop hose assembly (GT2X)
11. 90 degree rubber hose adapter for hose connection to back of block (97-99 cars)

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