Brembo GT-S Systems 380x34 2-Piece 6-Piston Hard Anodized Slotted Type-3 Front



Part# 1N3.9061AS

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  • Product Segment: Brembo GT-S Systems
  • Caliper Body: Cast Monobloc Radial Mount
  • Caliper Color: Hard Anodized
  • Number of Pistons: 6
  • Disc Size and Construction: 380x34 2-Piece
  • Disc Type: Slotted Type-3
  • Disc Vane Design: Vented Curved 48 Vane
  • Disc Material: Advanced High Carbon Alloy / Corrosion Resistant Plating
  • Disc to Hat Mounting: Floating H-Bobbin with Anti Rattle Spring
  • Front or Rear System: Front
  • 16-16 C450 AMG (W205) 17+ C43 AMG (W205)

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