Interior Door Grab Handle (Inside Window Switch Cover) - VW / Mk4 Golf / Jetta (NLA)

Part# 3B0867175R48

Trim piece located inside the Window Switch cover on the driver side door. Available in Black, Grey or Beige.

FITS: All Mk4 models.

The GENUINE part, as sold new by the dealer.

Part #'s

3B0-867-175-A94 / 3B0867175 A94 / 3B0 867 175 A94/ 3B0867175A94

3B0-867-175-7DE / 3B0867175 7DE / 3B0 867 175 7DE/ 3B08671757DE

3B0-867-175-R48 / 3B0867175 R48 / 3B0 867 175 R48/ 3B0867175R48

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