Front Brake Pad Set - VW/Audi B5 / B6 / A4 / A6 / Passat

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Part# 4B0698151AF-ATE

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ATE Original OE Formulated Brake Pad Set

ATE Original brake pads provide quality friction just like the OE pads they replace, providing customer-pleasing brake performance.

With the best mixture of materials on the market and a production process that emphasizes quality all the way through, original ATE brake pads represent the state-of-the-art.

In order to prevent noise during braking, highly effective primary and secondary measures are both used on brake pads.

  • Primary measures act directly on the point of friction. Here, the main issue is the optimization of the materials used for the relevant parts. In many cases, ATE uses the most effective variant and the best primary measure for noise suppression in the industry: the intermediate layer or underlayer!
  • On the other hand, secondary measures are intended to prevent the structure-borne sound which is produced from reaching the ear of the driver and pedestrians. Secondary measures can generally be divided into four groups: damping plates, damping foils, paints, and greases.

ATE works with over 150 different mixtures of friction material to ensure that the optimal result is always achieved for any particular application. The friction materials are always being refined and developed for this purpose. The pad material consists of various components which each fulfill different functions during braking

Features and Benefits:

  • OE engineered brake system technology assures optimum fit and performance
  • Advanced friction vehicle specific formulations
  • Reduced dusting and extend pad life
  • Application matched premium quality friction grade
  • Underlayer design helps reduce noise, vibration, and harshness
  • Shims, chamfers, slots, wear sensors, and other premium features included

    Part #'s

    4B0-698-151-AF / 4B0698151 AF / 4B0 698 151 AF / 4B0698151AF

    4B0-615-106-AK / 4B0615106 AK / 4B0 615 106 AK / 4B0615106AK

    4B0-615-106-AM / 4B0615106 AM / 4B0 615 106 AM / 4B0615106AM

    3B0-615-106 / 3B0 615 106 / 3B0615106

    4B0-615-105-AK / 4B0615105 AK / 4B0 615 105 AK / 4B0615105AK

    8E0-615-105-AN / 8E0615105 AN / 8E0 615 105 AN / 8E0615105AN

    4B0-615-106-AL / 4B0615106 AL / 4B0 615 106 AL / 4B0615106AL

    8E0-615-106-AN / 8E0615106 AN / 8E0 615 106 AN / 8E0615106AN

    4B0-615-105-AN / 4B0615105 AN / 4B0 615 105 AN / 4B0615105AN

    8E0-615-106-AM / 8E0615106 AM / 8E0 615 106 AM / 8E0615106AM

    4B0-615-106-AN / 4B0615106 AN / 4B0 615 106 AN / 4B0615106AN

    4B0-615-105-AL / 4B0615105 AL / 4B0 615 105 AL / 4B0615105AL

    8E0-615-105-AM / 8E0615105 AM / 8E0 615 105 AM / 8E0615105AM

    3B0-615-105-E / 3B0615105 E / 3B0 615 105 E / 3B0615105E

    4B0-615-105-AM / 4B0615105 AM / 4B0 615 105 AM / 4B0615105AM

    4B0-698-151-K / 4B0698151 K / 4B0 698 151 K / 4B0698151K

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