Fuel Injector - VW/Audi Mk2 8v Digifant (NLA)

Part# 037906031R

For all 8v Digifant engines from 1987-1992

AUS Injection Remanufactured Fuel Injector

Quality remanufactured fuel injectors that are electronically tested for correct electrical resistance and for coil weakness. Good units are then disassembled (micro filter, seals, pintle caps and plastic spacer are removed.) Injectors are simultaneously cleaned in ultrasonic tanks specially designed to clean fuel injectors. All units are individually back flushed to remove the broken dirt particles, these particles can not be removed thru the injection orifices therefore are driven out thru the inlet of the injector.

All injectors are then mounted on the flow bench in an inverted position to allow them to reverse flow at a considerable pressure. We run a high performance injector cleaning solvent thru the injectors for 30 minutes, completing the cleaning process. This process assures all dirt particles are completely removed from the injector. Injectors are now mounted on the flow bench in the correct position to begin the testing procedures.

We apply 60 PIS of pressure (more than a regular multi-port fuel injection system) and maintain the injectors with no signal to them for 30 seconds to make sure there are no leaks. Depending on the original manufacturer presentation, the injectors are either painted or polished to give the best cosmetic appearance possible. Injectors are then assembled with new replaceable components (filter baskets, pintle caps, O-rings and seals) and a final test is performed with all new components on injectors.

The purpose of this test is to make sure the filter basket; o-rings, seals and pintle caps are positioned correctly and are not disturbing the flow or the spray pattern of the injector. Injectors are lubricated with special oil and protective caps are placed on both ends to extend the shelf life and assure that when they are installed in the vehicle they will be in optimum operating condition. Each injector is individually bagged.

Features and Benefits:

  • Remanufactured In the USA
  • All units are 100% factory tested before packaging
  • Clean injectors provide better gas milage and increase overall performance
  • All injectors are lubricated prior to packaging ensuring a trouble free installation
  • All injectors are backed by a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty

    Part #'s

    037-906-031-R / 037906031 R / 037 906 031 R

    037-906-031-P / 037906031 P / 037 906 031 P

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