HPA Motorsports Stainless Steel Brake Lines - VW | Mk1 | Mk2 (w/ Rear Drums - 4 Line Kit)


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Part# HVW-700

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Using a Stainless Steel brake line in place of your OEM Rubber lines will result in dramatically improved pedal feel. Whereas rubber lines will swell and expand, exposing the driver to brake fade, SS lines prevent such volumetric expansion, ensuring a long lasting performance.

Stainless steel brake lines are also less susceptible to the aging effects of deteriorating rubber, and are resistant to chafing and debris.

HPA's stainless steel braided brake lines are made using Teflon hose which has an extruded Teflon core, with a stainless steel wire braid around it. The precision machined fittings are then permanently crimped on each end. They have a clear outer covering for abrasion resistance and lasting appearance.

HPA Brake Lines Are DOT Certified!

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