JHM - Aluminum Lightweight Flywheel for B5 - S4, B6 - A4 3.0L and C5 A6 - allroad w 2.7T (for use w/ B7 - RS4 PP) (NLA)

Part# JHM-27TLWFW-aluminum


- ALUMINUM FLYWHEEL USA MADE - These JHM lightweight flywheels are made out of aluminum and weigh 50% less than a stock flywheel: 14lbs versus 28lbs on a B5-S4!!! The iron friction liner is replaceable, so you will never have to buy a new flywheel again. Simply swap the liner if you ever replace your clutch. The crank position ring is welded to the ring gear and fastened with countersunk screws (not cheap pins which are prone to shearing and can be found on other brands). An added benefit to this Lightweight Flywheel upgrade is that it allows B5 S4 owners to run the B7 RS4 pressure plate featured in our JHM clutch kits. This higher clamp load pressure plate is not compatible with the OEM B5 S4 flywheel, so you must run a JHM lightweight flywheel in order to use it.


Why a lightweight flywheel? When you reduce the weight of the rotating mass that the motor has to turn, you free up horsepower and make the engine more responsive.


INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING -JHM Aluminum Lightweight flywheel - New pilot bearing (already pressed in) - Flywheel to crank bolts and thick washers.



NOTE: For those that are looking for a more robust, race oriented clutch setup we highly recommend looking into our R-Series line-up that does not have an SAC. The SAC in OEM and other aftermarket pressure plates work great for comfort and OEM-like drive-ability, however it is not designed to take excessive abuse of track days or aggressive street driving. We have done rigorous testing since 2012 to develop the ultimate clutch solution for both street and track and the R-Series is what is needed to take these cars to the next level.

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