JHM - Aluminum Lightweight Flywheel for B7 RS4 (NLA)

Part# JHM-RS4LWFW-aluminum


In typical JHM style here are 2 videos of some of the abuse we have put the S4 version of this flywheel through during our R&D process with our in house 2005 B6 S4.

JHM burnouts and abuse with our B6 S4 VIDEO -->HERE>
JHM 12.97 @ 109.1 all motor and Bolt-on parts quarter mile pass VIDEO -->HERE>

NOTE: This flywheel will ONLY work on a B7 RS4 since it has 10 bolt holes. It will NOT work on a B6/B7 S4 sicne they have 8 bolt holes.

SPECS - These JHM aluminum lightweight flywheels weigh less than 1/2 the weight of stock! 13lbs versus 26.5lbs for B7 RS4. These are a direct replacement for all B7 RS4s. The iron friction liner is replaceable, so, you will never have to buy a new flywheel again, you can just swap the liner if you ever replace your clutch. The crank position ring is welded to the ring gear while being retained and fastened with countersunk screws (not cheap pins prone to shearing like some other brands). For those concerned about the driveability and the infamous "chatter" of a lightweight flywheel that Audi enthusiasts have experienced with smaller 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder turbo engines here is the truth. With the B7 RS4s 4.2L V8s torquey nature the driveability is very close to stock and the noise is minimal when it is bogged under 1500 rpm. Some of JHMs customers have reported that they did not notice it at all.

Why a lightweight flywheel? Well when you reduce the weight of the rotating mass on the engine you free up horsepower. So that is the great benefit of a lightweight flywheel, plus the JHM unit is less expensive than a brand new OEM flywheel and it doesn't have a dual mass setup that can wear out or fail.

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Audi RS4 Lightweight Flywheel & Performance Clutch

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Audi RS4 Lightweight Flywheel & Performance Clutch

INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING -JHM 13lb Flywheel built to B7 RS4 specs - New pilot bearing (already pressed in) - Flywheel to crank bolts - Washers.

About the JHM - 034 Motorsport connection to get this flywheel built here in the USA to JHM specs. This flywheel was made through a combined effort between JH Motorsports and 034 Motorsport. Why didn't JHM just make the flywheel by themselves? Well as you know JHM with many of its ground breaking products is plenty capable, however when it came to a flywheel we already had our CNC machine tied up with shifters, rotors and other products to build. On top of that we found that getting the correct flywheel ring gears and crank reluctor rings required quantities in the 100s to be ordered in advance. Being that the B7 RS4 isn't as widely produced as the A4 we felt we may get stuck with these for quite some time taking away some of our capital for other new B7 RS4 products. So we contacted our friends at 034 Motorsport whom JHM builds an exclusive B3/B4 chassis shifter for. We contacted them since we knew they had done flywheels in the past. Come to find out they had already built flywheels that have withstood 9 second quarter mile passes and 150+mph trap speeds in a turbo charged setup, so this was definitely stuff built to JHM standards. So we brought all our information and research to them about the optimal flywheel for the B7 RS4 4.2l V8 and provided them with a sample B7 RS4 OEM flywheel. Another bonus was that they already had the ring gear and crank reluctor ring connections to get those produced in the quantitites we desired, plus they already had jigs made to do flywheels so we could get them to market for our customers sooner. So the JHM B7 RS4 4.2l V8 Lightweight Flywheel was born with the help of 034 Motorsport


NOTE: Flywheel to Crankshaft bolts must be torqued to 65 ft lbs with the use of loctite on the threads

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