M7 Speed Gen 1 High Performance Power Pak - MINI Cooper / S / JCW / R52 / R53

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With well over a decade of experience, the tuning experts at M7 have carefully hand picked the components for each kit so that they work in harmony to produce the highest power levels. They are also designed to meet strict reliability standards.

Our Gen 1 High Performance Power Pak includes:

  • M7 Speed Cold Air Intake Kit (C.A.R.B. approved  EO #  D-766)
  • M7 Speed 16% Overdrive Supercharger Pulley
  • M7 Speed 4% Ultra Lightweight Crank Pulley
  • M7 Speed 180 Deg F (82 Deg C) Thermostat
  • Micro-V drive belt - correct length for your pulley selection
  • NGK Iridium Spark Plugs (Set of 4) - Standard, +1 Colder, +2 Colder available
  • M7 Speed 100% Silicone Intercooler Boots (Red, Blue, Black or Green)


M7 prides itself on using only the finest materials to produce their products. We carefully select our partners that meet our same strict standards. You can count on every part in our kits to be of the best quality and design, regardless of price.As a bonus, each kit is priced to save you money when compared to buy the parts individually.

About our 16% Pulley When M7 was looking to add a pulley to our existing product offering, we realized that it had to be better and have that M7 "out-of-the-box" engineering and mindset. The M7 Supercharger Technology Pulley features a 16% reduction, and a number of improvements over stock and other aftermarket pulley designs.Our revised design for 2014 allows the pulley to be easily positioned deeper onto the supercharger shaft for proper belt alignment. We added shoulders to the outside of the pulley to help prevent the belt from walking off of the pulley surface if you have a weak tensioner or the belt stretches at extreme RPM events. Our proprietary taper-loc shaft locking system offers the highest locking force to the supercharger shaft at the lightest weight. The M7 taper-loc is superior to any other design on the market....PERIOD! This high grip taper-lock system offers both ease of installation and slip free supercharger performance. And by design the assembly is 100% balanced out of the box. The drive belt grooves are machine to exacting SAE-J1459 specifications.

The M7 Technology Pulley also incorporates an active cooling system that pulls in cool air through the holes in the pulley shoulder. This helps keep belt temperature down. Made from high quality aircraft grade billet steel and gold zinc plated for corrosion resistance and years of trouble free performance. 

About our 4% Crank Pulley  This beautiful design is a result of extensive computer modeling and CNC machining. A hard anodized coating was added to protect your investment from the elements and ensure a lifetime worth of use. The V-Belt grooves are machined to exacting SAE-J1459 specifications for minimum belt slippage at maximum boost. At 12 ounces, the lightweight M7 4% Crank Pulley assists in reducing rotational mass, which in turn increases horsepower, torque and throttle response. Use this in combination with the M7 16% Supercharger Technology Pulley for maximum performance and boost yourself to the next level of MINI tuning and performance. Now comes with a brand new high quality ARP bolt and hardened washer for an extra level of assurance.

Performance Belt: When using the M7 Crank pulley and 16% Supercharger pulley together, you must use a proper length drive belt or risk slipping or throwing the stock belt. M7 Tuning now offers correct length high performance drive belt that works perfectly with both pulleys!

About our Thermostat Have you ever noticed how crisp and responsive your car was after that initial warm-up period, and wanted to keep that feeling for the rest of the day? The M7 180oF Thermostat is the solution. Not only does the engine maintain its fresh-start power, but also the under-hood temperatures are greatly diminished (see comparison table below). Now when your car sits after a hard run it won't cook and dry out everything under the hood. This is great for the MINI owner who lives in a hot climate, or those that push their cars hard at the track or local twisty road.

Please Note: The M7 Thermostat does not include a replacement gasket. Reuse the gasket from the OEM thermostat (this is easiest to remove when the vehicle and thermostat are cold).

Cold Weather Alert: If you encounter weather below 50oF or 10oC, please be aware that the ECU could throw a check engine light. This is no cause for alarm as the sensors are registering an anomaly and the thermostat is not harming the engine. The check engine light can be reset with a diagnostic tool or left as is.

About our Cold Air Intake System (C.A.R.B approved E.O D-766)   The M7 MINI Cooper S Cold Air Intake works by sealing a dual stage foam filter inside of a fully enclosed custom manufactured metal housing. The steel box closes off any path for engine heat from getting to the filter, and provides the highest resistance to heat transfer when compared to other intakes on the market.

Our dual stage high flow foam filter can be cleaned and re-oiled providing a lifetime of service on your MINI. The over-sized filter gives plenty of filtering capacity without sacrificing airflow on the supercharged Cooper S. The Filter attaches to stock intake piping via a velocity stack at the wall of the M7 CAI with a 3" diameter on the filter side to a 66mm (2.60") diameter on the engine side. The velocity stack will smooth out the large amount of air entering the intake tract, improving air flow which results in a more efficient intake system. 

The M7 intake provides the enclosed filter with pressurized, cold air from the cowl area beneath the windshield without requiring you to cut any of your factory parts. This allows your car to be returned completely to stock if needed. With simple hand tools, the intake can quickly be installed on your car allowing you more time to enjoy the ride! 

INCLUDES: Matt black powder coated Cold Air Intake box, installation hardware and a pre-oiled filter.

About our Intercooler Boots: The M7 Speed 100% fiber reinforced 4-ply silicone Intercooler connector boots work great with OE or aftermarket intercoolers. These connectors are longer and a bit thicker than other aftermarket connector boots to ensure a better seal between the intercooler core and the inlet/ outlet horns. The added thickness gives extra strength to prevent failure during high boost operation. The M7 Intercooler Boots feature a tighter fit around the intercooler as well as the OEM intercooler horns. These are a must have for modified and high boost engine builds. Or simply replace your old, heat damaged and power robbing leaky intercooler boots with a set of brand new set of M7 Speed 100% silicone boots at a fraction of the cost of OE replacements.  Available in Black Red, Green or Blue for a little added under hood WOW ! Easy to install. No special tools or skills needed.

⚠️CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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