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Brisk Premium LGS spark plug has been developed after two-year cooperation with Lamborghini Morori Marini. Brisk Premium LGS spark plug utilizes extremely long glide-spark and massive integrated side electrode. Massive integrated side electrode ensures superior heat removal from the active part of the spark plug even in the most extreme conditions, therefore eliminating electrode burn off seen on conventional spark plugs in race applications. Extremely long glide spark (almost 3mm) protrudes deep into the combustion chamber, carries a more potential charge and is unshielded by the conventional side ground electrode. The air and fuel mixture is ignited by the Brisk Premium LGS spark plug more spontaneously and flame front spread is unrestricted and more uniform.

Spark gap enabling surface flashover (extreme long) with the possibility of spark-over around full circumference 360°. Ignition spark will jump always at a point of highest fuel concentration. Substantially higher flame propagation rate in the initial phase of flame propagation in the combustion chamber enables superior fuel energy utilization. The combustion velocity in conjunction with knock sensor assures engine-power increase. The spark gap of spark plugs BRISK PREMIUM "LGS" is protruded deep into the combustion chamber.

Key Benefits and Applications
  • High-Potential Semi-Surface Discharge = MORE POWER
  • Discharge at Point of Richest Misture in 360 Degrees Perimeter 
  • Patented Firing Tip Design - No Indexing 
  • Retracted Integrated Ground Electrodes
  • Silver Center Electrode - Best Thermal and Electrical Conductor

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