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Above image is not a color option, it is to show you where the custom color you select will be on the shift knob. More photos are below in the description.

he Circuit Sphere 100 fuses function, form and style together to create an unparalleled, performance enhancing and confidence inspiring shift knob. Create your custom Circuit Sphere 100 by selecting from our unique collection of finishes.


- Custom orders are made per order and have a 6-8 week lead time
- Custom orders can't be edited once the order is placed
- Custom orders can't be cancelled, returned or exchanged
- You will receive a shipping notification as soon as your order ships
- Do not email asking for an order update

Choose between 30 different finishes listed below:


The Circuit Sphere spawned from the idea of creating a functional, well designed and aesthetically pleasing shift knob intended for competition driving on the track or street. The marketplace is littered with competition shift knobs which lack engineering, testing and refinement to provide the best option to enthusiasts. We knew we could provide what the real competition driver is looking for so we set out to create a competition shift knob that delivers unparalleled performance and features compared to anything else on the market.


COLLECTION | Circuit Series

PROFILE | Tall Sphere Profile

OPTIONS | Black, Blue and Red Anodized Rings

FINISH | Brush Finished Handle, Anodized Ring and Bead Blasted Grip

MATERIAL | 303 Stainless Steel Handle, 6061 Billet Aluminum Ring and Delrin Grip


HEIGHT | 3.9 in - 100 mm

DIAMETER | 2 in - 51 mm

WEIGHT | .56 lbs - 255 grams

COUNTERBORED | For Reverse Lockouts and Shift Boot Retainer


Besides the steering wheel, the shift knob is the most driver interactive interior accessory but can have the least amount of integrated design. The Circuit Sphere flips that script and features a grip that has pure functionality integrated with visually stunning design language. The delrin grip has a sphere profile with a flattened top that allows your fingers to wrap over the sphere for a confident grip. The bead blasted texture enhances the grip, all while remaining cool to the touch. We designed an intentional tangent line around the grip which provides a subtle contour to unite your hand to the grip faster and easier. The final touch is a contrast cut Raceseng icon which visually pops against the satin finish of the delrin grip.


The 100mm height increases your mechanical leverage and reduces the effort required to make those quick shifts while on track or the street.


By decreasing the distance between the steering wheel and shift knob, you can to keep your hands on the wheel more and reduce the time spent locating the shift knob.

Each car has a different height relationship between the center console and the steering wheel. We suggest keeping the top of the shift knob between the steering wheel’s 4 or 5 o’clock position.


The Sphere Grip was designed for an overhand shifting format. The flattened top nestles into the palm of your hand and allows your fingers to wrap over the sphere to help dictate directional control of the shift knob. The grip was intentionally designed for the best possible ergonomic shape in order to allow the most confidence-inspiring and controlled shift throw.



Machined from 303 stainless steel for its high weight ratio and brush finished by hand, the handle is the solid foundation of the shift knob.


We utilize advanced manufacturing techniques to create an ergonomic and visually stunning sphere from black delrin which has been bead blasted for a textured surface and remains cool to the touch.


The satin anodized and laser engraved billet aluminum ring is the finishing touch and a mark of Raceseng’s design and quality.


We designed our Circuit Series to be modular and have the flexibility of interchanging all available components. Individual Circuit Series parts can be purchased in our Component Shop to custom tailor the shift knob to you your needs and preferences.


The Circuit Tool allows you to change the handle and grips with ease. Simply slide the Circuit Tool into the slots in the bottom of the handle. Hold the tool with one hand and twist the grip off with the other. If extra stability is required, put the Circuit Tool in a vice and repeat the process.


For non-threaded shifter arm applications, the Sphereology comes with a precision cnc machined adapter that mounts the shift knob on your car's non-threaded shifter arm. The adapter requires simple steps to install, allows you to adjust the shift gate engraving orientation and install height with ease. It also has an integrated shift boot retainer so your shift boot doesn't sag.


For threaded shifter arm applications, the Sphereology comes with a precision cnc machined adapter that mounts the shift knob on your car's threaded shifter arm. The adapter requires only 2 tools to install and allows you to adjust the shift gate engraving orientation with ease.


The optional shift boot retainer keeps your shift boot securely retained to the bottom of your shift knob. Simply attach your shift boot to the retainer with the supplied zip tie and slide the boot retainer into the bottom of the shift knob.
The shift boot retainer only works with threaded shifter arm adapters.


We believe in the power of the design process to create incredible products. Every shift knob start it's life as an idea that is translated into countless ideation sketches where form and details evolve. We take those sketches and further develop them in solid modeling software to define the form and ergonomics of the shift knob. The goal of this process is to perfect the balance between form and function to create an unparallelled product and brand experience.


For the integrity and craftsmanship of our products, we do our manufacturing in house. We are proud to get our hands dirty crafting the very products we create.

⚠️CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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