Roller Rocker Arm - Audi / VW (many models check fitment)

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Part# 06E109417P-VAG

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The roller rocker arms transfer the rotational force of the camshaft to open the intake and exhaust valves. One end is raised and lowered by the rotating lobe of the camshaft, while the other end acts on the associated valve stem. If a roller rocker arm has failed you may experience a constant ticking noise during engine operation, or alternatively if the rocker arm has broken, you will receive multiple misfires and a rough running engine.

Part #'s

06E-109-417-P / 06E109417 P / 06E 109 417 P

06-E10-941-7 / 06E10941 7 / 06 E10 941 7 / 06E109417

06E-109-417-E / 06E109417 E / 06E 109 417 E / 06E109417E

⚠️CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

This part is for the TSI engine only.

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