RS5 Style Grille - Black - Pre face lift 2008-2012 B8 Audi A5 | S5 (NLA)

Part# GR-AUA5B80-RS5B


If you want to improve the looks of your Audi B8 A5 or even S5, you need to get the RS5 Style Front Bumper Grille. The RS-Style Grille for A5 and S5 replaces your OEM grille with a bumper grille styled after the Europe-only Audi RS5. Your car will have a more defined look that will stand out of the crowd with the sleek, honeycomb styling of the RS5 Style Grille. You will definitely enjoy the look of the glossy black RS-Style Bumper Grille on your Audi A5. The RS-Style Front Bumper Grille is a direct OEM replacement for perfect fitment, saving you from installation problems. These grilles are made from high-quality ABS plastic for extra durability.

FITS: 2008-2012 B8 A5 / S5 - PRE-Face Lift models only !

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