Ultimate Valve Cover Gasket Kit - VW/Audi 2.0T TSi Mk5 GTi & GLi

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Part# 06H103144K-KT

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Don't forget to add on 22 valve cover bolts if you want to replace them too.

Got a dime size oil spot on your drive way? It's time to pop the hood and see where it is coming from. When looking for an oil leak you always want to start at the top of the engine. Besides a PCV valve or breather hose, your next stop is going to be the valve cover. A very common place for oil leaks is the valve cover gasket, if there is oil on the head it is most likely leaking down from the valve cover gasket. This kit provides all gaskets that could possibly leak oil down on to the head and eventually all the way down to the oil pan. Stop those leaks with this kit, and make it easier to find any other leaks you may have below the cylinder head.

Kit Includes:

- Valve Cover Gasket Sealaant (Victor Reinz)
- Upper Timing Cover Gasket (OEM)
- Camshaft O-Ring Seal (Victor Reinz)
- Camshaft Bracket/Bridge (OEM)
- PCV Valve Gasket (VW/Audi)

Part #'s

Rear Camshaft Bracket

06H-103-144-K / 06H103144 K / 06H 103 144 K / 06H103144K

06H-103-144-F / 06H103144 F / 06H 103 144 F / 06H103144F

06H-103-144-G / 06H103144 G / 06H 103 144 G / 06H103144G

06H-103-144-H / 06H103144 H / 06H 103 144 H / 06H103144H

06H-103-144-J / 06H103144 J / 06H 103 144 J / 06H103144J

Camshaft O-Ring Seal

06H-103-483-D / 06H103483 D / 06H 103 483 D / 06H103483D

Upper Timing Cover Gasket

06H-103-483-C / 06H103483 C / 06H 103 483 C / 06H103483C

6H1-034-83C / 6H1 034 83C / 6H103483C

PCV Valve Gasket

06H-103-484-A / 06H103484 A / 06H 103 484 A / 06H103484A

6H1-034-84A / 6H1 034 84A / 6H103484A

Valve Cover Sealant


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