UroTuning Mk4 Golf | Jetta 1.8T Starter Kit



Part# URO-0111

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This is the ultimate MOD starter kit for any Mk4 1.8T. Starting with looks you get smoked bumper and fender sidemarkers to take away the nasty stock amber markers. You also get a short stubby antenna to do away with the long unattractive stock antenna. On the performance side there is a good chance your stock diverter valve is leaking valuable boost so the Forge Diverter Valve upgrade will make sure all the boost is getting to the engine. A New South Performance column mount boost gauge kit will allow you to keep an eye on that boost and the Indigo lightning on the gauge is a perfect match with the stock instrument cluster. To help keep all that power to the ground the Energy Suspension motor mount inserts will help to prevent wheel hop and give you tighter crisper shifts too! All of this combined in a special kit from UroTuning will not only change the looks and performance of your VW but its also easy on the wallet when purchasing all at the same time!


Forge Diverter Valve - 008 or Splitter Valve
Made from billet aluminium, the recirculating (FMDV008) diverter valve dumps the charge-air back into the air intake system keeping external noise to a minimum. OR choose the Splitter Valve (FMDVSPLTR) which is a combination valve that diverts most of the air but also releases to the atmosphere for a louder Blow Off sound! Both valves increase quicker throttle response and higher clamping load to maintain boost pressure more reliably. Available in either polished or black.


Smoked Oval Side Blinkers
Very high quality units with anti-rust metal clips on back and seal to prevent leaks. These also do not have lettering stamped on the lenses. Replace your stock clear fender blinkers with these smoked units. Bulbs NOT included. Available in either Crystal smoked or Dark smoked ( click here to view the difference )

Smoked Bumper Sidemarkers
Rid of your ugly amber bumper markers for good with these "OE style" or crystal smoked replacements. Injection molded from ABS and acrylic plastics, our side marker lights clean up the look of your car without body work or painting. These smoked replacements are OEM in fit and finish, and will pop right into place. Installation is a five minute job.

Antenna, OEM Stubby Sharan
6.5 cm (2 5/8") long with 5mm screw. Shorty rubber antenna.

UroTuning Polyurethane Dogbone Bushings
Under hard acceleration, your entire engine and transmission actually rotates due to compliance in the factory bushings. While the soft factory bushings do a good job of dampening engine vibration, they can also create a rubbery, vague response in the vehicle's powertrain. UroTuning offers a set of two polyurethane bushings to go into your car's lower engine torque arm. With the Poly bushings installed, you car's throttle response will feel better and your shifts will feel more crisp and defined, especially on manual transmission cars

TurboPod Bundle, INDIGO Boost Gauge, Install Kit
Easily keep an eye on your engine with a gauge mounted in a ColumnPod. Molded from textured ABS and computer-matched in color and gloss, the ColumnPod looks like an OEM installation. Our exclusive design allows the full range of height and telescopic adjustment of the steering column and hides all wires and tubes from view. Using the identical LEDs that light the Mk4/Mk5/B6/B7 Volkswagen instrument panel, the Indigo gauges are a new, cost-effective option for VW enthusiasts. With details such as a lighted red needle, a backlit black gauge face, and lettering that matches the instrumentation, the Indigo gauges will give you that factory look




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