VIP Polyurethane Engine Riser Mount Set (M20+20) - Fits M20, E30 (NLA)

Part# M20+20VIP

The Condor VIP LINE is designed for those that want to increase performance, but prefer a more subtle approach on their street machine. Our M20+20 mounts are designed for extremely low e30s with clearance issues. They are 20mm taller than OEM mounts to ensure the oil pan sits above the stock subframe. Designed to keep everything comfortably in place while increasing responsiveness, Condor€™s VIP mounts are the perfect OEM+ upgrade for your M20 powered E30. Get the performance advantage without the harshness.

Our 70A polyurethane engine mounts are the same hardness as BMW's factory Group N mounts. They are 30% stiffer than stock, which makes them perfect for a daily driver or weekend fun car. If you like to ride low and slow, with an occasional blast on the freeway, autocross course, or even light track use, these are for you.

  • Isolated stud design, meaning the inserts are captive inside the polyurethane, for increased vibration absorption
  • 70A military spec polyurethane
  • 30% stiffer than stock
  • CNC machined aluminum inserts, top plate, and base
  • Direct replacement for factory mounts.

* Please be aware that you may need to modify the lower coolant hose because it could rub the A/C compressor.

1984-1991 E30 BMW 323, 325e 325es 325i 325ic 325is

Use the "CONDORVIP" discount code to get 30% off our new VIP tee when you purchase a set of these mounts.

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