Water Pump Wrench - (NLA)

Part# UN1203280

This tool's double triangular head configuration is designed to be used on pulleys that utilize socket head bolts. The tool holds the power steering or water pump pulley stationary while removing or replacing the three socket head bolts that attach the pulley to the shaft.

Used on power steering and water pumps on all Volkswagen and Audi water-cooled, four-cylinder, gas or diesel engines, from 1975 & later (Mk3 2.0L non A/C), Volkswagen VR6 1992 and later.

In addition it is used on the power steering pump pulley with Audi V-8 engines, 1990 & later, Audi V-6 engines, 1992 & later, Audi 1981-1995 and Volkswagen 1983-1988 5 cylinder engines that have socket head bolts holding the pulley to the power steering pump.

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