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- Mk3 2.0L Ignition Tune Up Kit
Part# mk3_2.0L_ignition
Sale Price: $109.99

- Ultimate Shifter Repair Kit w/Short Shifter, Mk3 2.0L
Part# Mk3_shift_repair_kit_short
Sale Price: $119.99

- Ultimate Shifter Repair Kit, Mk3 2.0L
Part# Mk3_shift_repair_kit
Price: $49.99

- UroTuning iPhone Case
Part# UroTuning_iPhone_Case

Price: $15.00

08mm 12 Point Driver, 3/8" Drive
Part# MNXZ8S
Price: $11.99

10mm "Short" 12 Point Driver, 1/2" Drive
Part# MNXZ10-S
Price: $11.99

10mm 12 Point Driver, 1/2" Drive
Part# MNXZ10
Price: $11.99

12 Point Driver Set - 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Part# MN0812
Price: $34.99

12mm "Short" 12 Point Driver, 1/2" Drive
Part# MNXZ12-S
Price: $11.99

12mm 12 Point Driver, 1/2" Drive
Part# MNXZ12
Price: $11.99

17mm Head (Grey) Wheel Bolt Caps - Priced Each
Part# 321601173AZ37
Price: $1.29

17mm Head Wheel Bolt Caps (Black) - Priced Each
Part# 321601173A01C
Price: $0.99

42 Draft Design Wheel Spacers (with Lip), VW 4x100
Part# 42DD.4x100.Lip
Price: $64.99

A/C & Heater Controls, Mk3 Golf/Jetta
Part# 1H0820045C
Price: $54.99

A/C Evaporator Core, Mk3
Part# 1H1820103C
Price: $119.99

A/T Filter & Pan Gasket Kit, Mk3/Mk4 4-spd
Part# 01M398009
Price: $23.99

Antenna, 16V Style Billet Stubby
Part# ant-832bk
Price: $16.99

Antenna, Ball Top Style Stubby
Part# ant-830bk
Price: $16.99

Antenna, Billet Sharan Style Stubby
Part# ant-839bk
Price: $22.99

Antenna, OEM Style Sharan Stubby
Part# 30008

Price: $29.99

Antenna, OEM Style Short
Part# 30022

Price: $19.99

BIG Knob Shifter by Forge Motorsports
Bentley, mk3 Golf/Jetta (1993-1999)
Part# vg99
Price: $74.99

Billet Aluminum Dipstick Combo Kit, pre-1999 4-cyl
Part# WAB-12000/11350
Price: $84.99

Billet Aluminum Dipstick, pre-1999 4-cyl 8v
Part# WAB-12000
Price: $59.99

Bosch Evolution Wiper Blade Set, Mk4/Mk3
Part# 4821_4819
Price: $24.99

Bosch Micro Edge Wiper Blade Set, Mk4/Mk3
Part# 40721_40719A
Price: $19.99

Brake Booster Vacuum Hose, Mk3 2.0L
Part# 1H1612041L
Price: $58.99

Brake Fluid Reservoir, Mk3
Part# 1H1611301A
Price: $29.99

Camber Adjustment Bolts, H&R Triple C
Part# TC212
Price: $49.99

Control Arm Bushing Kit (Super Heavy Duty R32 version), Mk2/Mk3/Mk4 Control Arm Bushing Kit Polyurethane, Mk3/Mk2
Cooling Hose Flange Plug Kit
Part# 357121140
Price: $1.99

Door Handle Seals, Mk3
Door Handle Front w/keys, Mk3
Part# 1HM837207
Price: $31.99

Door Handle Seals, Mk3
Part# Mk3_Door_Handle_Seals
Price: $9.99

emK 9006 Pure Yellow Fog/Headlight Bulb Set
Part# emK-9006-PY
Price: $24.99

emK 9006 Super White Fog/Headlight Bulb Set
Part# emK-9006-SW
Price: $24.99

Engine Mount - Front, Mk3 2.0L
Part# 1H0199609G
Price: $44.99

Engine Mount - Right Rear, Mk3 2.0L 5spd
Part# 1H0199262G
Price: $39.99

Floor Mats, VW (set of 4)
Part# floor.mats
Price: $114.99

Fuel Pump, Mk3 2.0L/VR6
Part# 1HM919051M
Price: $289.99

H&R Lug Bolt, Ball Seat 12x1.5
Part# HR_12x1.5_Ball
Price: $3.99

H&R Lug Bolt, Cone Seat 12x1.5
Part# HR_12x1.5_Cone
Price: $3.99

H&R Wheel Spacers, VW 4x100
Part# hr.spacers.4x100
Price: $44.99

Headlight Eyelids, Mk3 Golf/GTi
Part# EG-GE-VWG3
Price: $49.99

Ignition Switch, 1990-1999 VW
Part# 6N0905865
Price: $19.99

Ignition Wire Set (Bosch), Mk3 2.0L
Part# 09339
Price: $99.99

K-N Air Filter Cleaning/Re-Oiling Kit
K&N Air Filter Cleaning/Re-Oiling Kit
Part# 99-5050
Price: $13.99

Mk3 Golf Badgeless Grill (2-Bar), Black Finish
Part# EG-GR-VWG3-B2
Price: $85.00

Mk3 Golf Sport Mesh Grille
Part# GR-VWG3-O

Price: $69.99

Mk3 Jetta Sport Mesh Grille
Part# GR-VWJ3-O

Price: $69.99

Oil Cooler, Mk4 VR6, Mk3 2.0L/VR6
Oil Cooler O-Ring Seal
Part# 038117070A
Price: $2.99

Oil Cooler, Mk4 VR6, Mk3 2.0L/VR6
Part# 068117021B
Price: $69.99

Oil Filler Cap Audi R8
Part# 420103485B
Price: $99.99

Oil Filler Cap, pre-2006
Part# 06B103485C
Price: $3.99

Oil Service Kit, Mk3 2.0L
Part# Oil_Kit_Mk3_4-cyl
Price: $39.99

Peloquin Limited Slip Differential, 020
Part# 020498005A

Sale Price: $869.99

Rear, Pagid OEM Brake Pads
Part# D104P
Price: $29.99

RSK Street Coilover Kits, Mk2/Mk3/Corrado
Part# CO-VW8001-Y

Price: $449.99

Short Shift Kit, Mk3 2.0L
Part# Mk3_Short_Shift_Kit
Price: $44.99

Strut Nut Removal Wrench 21mm and 22mm
Part# MN2122
Price: $45.00

Techtonics Tuning Performance Cam Kit, Mk3 2.0L
Part# TT_Perf_Cam_Kit_Mk3_2.0L
Price: $339.99


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