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Air Conditioner Belt Tensioner | Mk5 & Mk6 2.5L

07K903315S Air Conditioner Belt Tensioner | Mk5 & Mk6 2.5L


Price: $74.99

Special Price: $71.24


Product Info Vehicle Applications

Includes tensioner & roller for accessory belt, prevent premature belt wear & breaks If the accessory belt is sloppy and loose in your vehicle, your generator, power steering, and AC might not work properly. Alternatively, if your belt snaps constantly, the tensioner is too tight. With either problem, the only solution is a new tensioner. It applies the proper amount of tension to the belt to keep it tight against all of the accessory pulleys. Recommended to be replaced any time accessory work is performed or when belts are replaced. Expect long life and proper function for years to come.