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Clutch Bleeder Assembly | 02M 6spd

1J0721468C Clutch Bleeder Assembly | 02M 6spd


Price: $71.99

Special Price: $68.39


Product Info

The clutch bleeder, or damper, softens the response of clutch engagement and disengagement. Basically, this stock part helps soften the feel of your clutch so vibrations and engagement are not harsh when the clutch pedal is pressed and released. This assembly includes the bleeder screw and the mounting clips and attaches to the clutch slave cylinder.

FITS: Mk4 Golf/Jetta 24v VR6, Mk4 20thAE 1.8T, Mk4 Jetta GLi 1.8T, Mk1 Audi TT 1.8T 6-speed