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Head Gasket | Mk5 & Mk6 2.5L

07K103383F Head Gasket | Mk5 & Mk6 2.5L



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Seperates the engine block from the cylinder head Most people will probably experience a head gasket failure at one point or another during vehicle ownership. The signs of a failed head gasket are easy to identify: Milky oil as the coolant mixes in, loss of performance, and sweet smelling, white smoke coming from your tailpipe. It usually happens when the engine is overheated or has a number of miles on it. Replace yours and get your engine running again. This replacement from Elring will seal up your cylinder head perfectly. Because it is of factory thickness, sealing will be just like what was installed on your vehicle on the assembly line. An excellent way to be sure that your engine wills seal up after this moderately difficult replacement. Most cylinder head fasteners found on European automobiles are a one time use or stretch bolt. To be sure that everything is tightened down properly, it is important to replace them to get the proper torque reading and ensure the longevity of your repair.