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IE 2.5L 5 Cylinder Manifold Power Kit

IEIMVB3 IE 2.5L 5 Cylinder Manifold Power Kit




Manifold Finish



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inline five cylinder intake manifold

Get the most out of the industry leading Integrated Engineering 2.5L 5 cyilinder intake manifold with the 2.5L Manifold Power Kit! This 2.5L manifold kit includes the IE 2.5L 5 cylinder intake manifold, IE/United Motorsport 7400RPM software, and the IE 2.5L air intake kit.

five cylinder intake manifold

Bring your 2.5L 5 cylinder VW engine to life with the Integrated Engineering cast intake manifold. By allowing your engine to breathe the way that it naturally wants to, this piece will allow for great gains over the factory intake manifold, extending the powerband further into the RPM range. We have carefully engineered and tested this intake manifold in house to get the best results possible in any condition. This unit is designed and manufactured completely in the United states, utilizing a special self aging, self hardening alloy with especially strict requirements for chemical composition.

manifold power kit

Installation is made simple, as they are a direct replacement for the plastic intake manifold. With the plenum being larger than factory, the throttle body placement is moved a small amount, which can easily be plumbed to your mass air flow sensor using our intake kit, sold separately. We have designed this manifold to provide large power gains for naturally aspirated, as well as turbo applications.

power results


Optimized bellmouth inlets create maximum power throughout the RPM range
Thick wall cast construction for durability in N/A and turbo applications
100% engineered, tested, and cast in U.S.A.

Included with manifold:
Head flange hardware
Head flange seals
Throttle body screws
Throttle body seal
Fuel rail screws

reliable performance

Integrated Engineering/United Motorsport 2.5L manifold ECU software

An ECU re-flash is required to get the most performance out of the IE 2.5L 5 cylinder intake manifold. Integrated Engineering and United Motorsport have teamed up to deliver the perfect match of hardware and software for your 2.5L engine. This software was developed over extensive dyno time and many revisions to the file to gain every ounce of power when using the Integrated Engineering intake manifold. The ECU flash offered will only work with manual VW 2.5L models. We currently do not have support for automatic ECUs, as they are limited by the transmission controller rev limiter.

05-08 ECUs must be mailed to Integrated Engineering upon purchase. ECU will be returned with flash along with the rest of your order.
09+ ECUs must be mailed directly to United Motorsport upon purchase. ECU will be returned with flash directly from United Motorsports.

Tuned specifically for the IE 2.5L intake manifold
Rev limit raised to 7200RPM
Speed limiter removed
Increased horsepower and torque
Improved engine response
Available for 2005-2008 ECUs or 2009+ ECUs (09+ requires additional 75.00 flash fee)

industry leading design

Integrated Engineering 2.5L air intake kit

Make the installation of your new Integrated Engineering 2.5L 5 cylinder intake manifold simple with our direct-fit intake kit. This kit will connect your throttle body to your mass airflow sensor, and place the air filter right behind the driver's side headlight in a partitioned area that only sees fresh airflow. Our specially-made intake pipe features provisions for the valve cover breather, block breather, and SAI pump, so nothing is left unplumbed.

Direct fit for IE 2.5L intake manifold
Provides straight-through airflow to engine

Black silicone intake pipe
High-flow air filter
Black powdercoated heat shield
Necessary spacer for MAF
All necessary clamps and hardware for installation


Will this manifold fit my car?
---This manifold will fit all VW 2.5L engines from 2005-2013 with the electric power steering system. Some later style engines use a hydraulic power steering pump, which sits right below the factory intake manifold. We recommend installing these on manual transmission cars only, as the gains are in the higher RPM range, which cannot be reached on automatic ECUs (transmission controller has internal rev limiter).

Can I install this manifold on an automatic transmission car?
--The intake manifold will physically fit on automatic cars, but the power gains will not be seen as they would with manual transmission cars. The power gains are seen in the high RPM range, which is not reachable on automatic cars, as they have rev limiters in the transmission controllers that cannot be removed.

Will my factory fuel rail work?
---Although we recommend using our billet fuel rail which compliments the beautiful cast manifold nicely, your factory fuel rail will also bolt up to our intake manifold using the included hardware.

What throttle body can I use with the IE cast intake manifold?
---Our intake manifold is designed for use with the factory throttle body, which is a direct fit. We include the necessary hardware and seal for the throttle body with each intake manifold.

What kind of gains can I expect from the IE intake manifold on my stock 2.5L engine?
---Along with our software and intake kit, we have show gains of 48.2hp over the stock power levels on manual transmission cars revving to 7200rpm.

Can I use this manifold with my turbo setup, or will it only work for naturally aspirated applications?
---Yes! We have designed our manifold to offer great gains on any setup, whether naturally aspirated or turbo.

Will this manifold be a direct replacement for my factory intake manifold?
---Yes! With our plenum being larger than the factory plenum, the throttle body location is slightly different. It will require use of our IEIMVB2 intake kit, making the manifold install simple.


"Ive had Integrated Engineerings 2.5 Power Kit installed for about a month now and I have been amazed by it in every way. Its not just more power; its where the power is made. It is much more usable, meaning the torque is more linear and doesnt come in bulk lower in the revs. Now there is actual power past 5k which there was basically none before. Also the growl the exhaust produces makes it sound exotic. Most of my friends are Honda guys, but they are in love with the way this car sounds. On top of a power increase and the sound, Ive noticed a big bump in mpg. I estimate Im getting between 32-35 mpg when Im not getting on it which is awesome for any car, let alone a 2.5 liter. Even when I am getting on it the gas mileage is better. Overall I am extremely happy with the power kit and will continue to buy and recommend Integrated Engineerings products to everyone I know!" - Josh T.