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KONI FSD Shocks with Eibach Pro-Kit Springs | Mk5 | Mk6

2150-4001-1 KONI FSD Shocks with Eibach Pro-Kit Springs | Mk5


Price: $1,500.00

2150 4001-1

Special Price: $840.00


Product Info

When using names like Eibach and KONI together, two of the industry's suspension component leaders, chances are the outcome is going to be a winner. The KONI FSD kit + Eibach Pro-Kit springs are just that - a winning combination!

The KONI FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) shock combines excellent road holding and handing characteristics with no-compromise comfort levels. It's a two-in-one solution from KONI that doesn't require the installation of sophisticated electronics, cables or sensors.

The FSD shocks offer firmness for sporty driving on even road surfaces and smoothness for a comfortable ride on uneven road surfaces.

This kit takes the KONI FSD shocks and pairs them with Eibach's Pro-Kit springs to lower the vehicle's center of gravity and give the car a more solid, secure feel at all times. They're the perfect answer for frequently driven street cars.

  • Improved appearance, but still street-worthy.

  • Limited lifetime warranty to the original owner.

  • Body lowering of 1.0"-1.5" depending on vehicle.

  • Maintained or improved ride quality, even with lowering.

  • Better handling. Roll, dive and squat are improved for better driver control.

  • An engineered suspension system of shocks and springs that complement each other.

Lowering is approximately 30mm.