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- Mk3 2.0L Ignition Tune Up Kit

mk3_2.0L_ignition - Mk3 2.0L Ignition Tune Up Kit


Price: $119.99


Special Price: $107.99


Plug Wires


Product Info

Get your 2.0L 8v running the way it should be. This complete Ignition tune up kit includes the following items:

- BOSCH Distributor Cap [051905207]
- BOSCH Distributor Rotor [052905225C]
- BOSCH Spark Plugs FR8DS [FR8DS_qty4]
- Ignition Wire Set [09339] (Optional Bosch or Bremi wires available)
- Optional Ignition Coil (Beru/Bremi brand) [6N0905104] - add option above

FITS all Mk3 2.0L 8v