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- Electrical Tune Up Kit, 2.0T
Part# 2.0T_TuneUp

Sale Price: $99.99

-Ultimate Timing Belt Kit, 2.0T FSi (5-pcs)
Part# TB_2.0T_FSi

Price: $209.99

-UroTuning/OEM Breather Update Kit, Mk5 2.0T FSi
Part# PCV_kit_Mk5_FSi
Price: $139.99

17mm Head Wheel Bolt Caps (Black) - Priced Each
Part# 321601173A01C
Price: $0.99

ABS Wheel Sensor - Front Left, Mk5
Part# 7H0927803
Price: $39.99

ABS Wheel Sensor - Front Right, Mk5
Part# 7H0927804
Price: $39.99

ABS Wheel Sensor - Rear Left, Mk5
Part# 1K0927807
Price: $39.99

ABS Wheel Sensor - Rear Right, Mk5
Part# 1K0927808
Price: $39.99

Air Filter, 2.0T FSi
Part# 06F133843AMN
Price: $14.99

Air Filter, 2.0T TSi
Part# 1K0129620DMN TSI
Price: $14.99

Alternator Pulley, Mk4 and 2.0T FSi
Part# 022903119C
Price: $49.99

Auxillary Water Pump, Mk4/Mk5 VR6
Part# 1J0965561A
Price: $94.99

Cabin Filter, Mk5/Mk6
Part# 1K1819653B
Price: $12.99

Camshaft Seal, 1.8T/2.0L/TDi/2.0T FSi
Part# 038103085C
Price: $5.99

Clutch Slave Cylinder / Throwout Bearing
Part# 0A5141671F
Price: $120.30

Control Arm, Front Left, GENUINE VW Mk5/Mk6
Part# 1K0407151AC
Price: $290.00

Control Arm, Front Right, GENUINE VW Mk5/Mk6
Part# 1K0407152AC
Price: $304.00

Coolant Cap, 1999-up
Part# 3B0121321
Price: $8.99

Coolant Cap, Black
Part# 3C0121321
Price: $23.99

Crank Position Sensor (0261210147)
Coolant Cap, Brushed with Blue Logo
Part# Coolant_Cap_Brushed
Price: $39.99

Coolant Temp Sensor, 2006-up
Part# 06A919501A
Price: $18.99

Crank Position Sensor (0261210147)
Part# 0261210147
Price: $84.99

CV Boot Kit (Inner), 2.0T, 3.2L
Part# 1K0498201A
Price: $32.99

CV Boot Kit (Outer), 2.0T, 2.5L, TDi, 3.2L
Part# 1K0498203A
Price: $32.99

Engine Mount, Right Side, Mk5/B6 2.0T (Corteco)
Part# 1K0199262M_Corteco
Price: $99.99

Engine Mount, Right Side, Mk5/B6 2.0T (Vaico)
Part# 1K0199262M_Vaico
Price: $69.99

Fuel Filter, Mk5/Mk6 2.0T
Fuel Filter, Mk5/Mk6 2.0T
Part# 1K0201051K
Price: $27.99

Fuel Injector, 2.0T FSi (Priced Each)
Part# 06F906036A
Price: $114.99

Fuel Pump OEM (On Engine), 2.0T FSi
Part# 06F127025K
Price: $349.99

G13, Coolant/Antifreeze (1 Gallon)
Part# G013A8J1G
Price: $21.99

Heater Core, Mk5
Part# 1K0819031
Price: $129.99

Ignition Coil Pack New Version, 2.0T/2.5L (Genuine VW/Audi)
Ignition Coil Pack (Genuine), 3.2L 24v VR6
Part# 022905715B
Price: $25.99

Oil Dipstick, Mk5/B6 2.0T FSi
Luk OEM Clutch Kit, Mk5/B6 2.0T FSi
Part# 022141015R
Price: $349.99

Oil Dipstick, Mk5/B6 2.0T FSi
Part# 06F115611F
Price: $19.99

Oil Filter Drain Tool, 2.0T/2.5L
Part# ASTT40057
Price: $69.99

Oil Filter, 2.0T FSi/2.5L
Part# 06D115562MN
Price: $12.99

Oil Filter, 24v VR6/05-up TDi
Part# 071115562C
Price: $8.99

Oil Pan Kit, Mk5/B6 2.0T FSi (Genuine VW/Audi)
Part# 06F103601L
Price: $229.99

Oil Pan Kit, Mk5/B6 2.0T FSi (MTC Brand)
Part# 06F103601L_MTC
Price: $109.99

Oxygen Sensor (Post-Cat), Mk5/Mk6 2.0T/2.5L - Bosch 16002
Oil Service Kit, VW/Audi 2.0T FSi
Part# oilch.2.0T
Price: $44.99

Oil Service Kit, VW/Audi 2.0T TSi
Part# oilch.2.0Tsi
Price: $44.99

Oxygen Sensor (Pre-Cat), Mk5/Mk6 2.0T CBFA
Part# 06J906262AA
Price: $149.99

Pentosin, Synthetic Oil 5W-40 - 5 Liters
Part# MO 5W-40HP2/5
Price: $44.99

Redline MT-90 Gear Oil, 1 U.S. Quart
Part# RED-50304
Price: $12.99

Serpentine Belt, 2.0T FSi
Part# 06F260849L
Price: $11.99

Spark Plugs Bosch FR6KPP-332S, OEM 2.0T
Part# 0242240627-
Price: $49.99

Spark Plugs NGK BKR7EIX (2667), 2.0T
Part# BKR7EIX 2667
Price: $39.99

Spark Plugs NGK IZKR7B (7563), 3.2L 24v VR6
Part# 7563_qty6
Price: $74.99

Spark Plugs NGK PFR7S8EG Platinums, 2.0T
Part# NGK_1675_qty4
Price: $49.99

Thermostat Housing Bolt Kit, Mk4/Mk5 VR6
Thermostat Housing (GENUINE), Mk4/Mk5 VR6
Part# 022121117C_rings
Price: $69.99

Thermostat Housing (uro Brand), Mk4/Mk5 VR6
Part# 022121117C
Price: $34.99

Thermostat Housing Bolt Kit, Mk4/Mk5 VR6
Part# Mk4_VR6_Thermo_Bolt_Kit
Price: $8.99

Thermostat Housing O-Ring/Gasket, VR6
Part# 021121119A
Price: $3.99

Thermostat O-Ring, VR6/V6
Part# 034121119
Price: $1.49

Tie Rod Assembly w/o End, Mk5/MK6/B6/EOS/A3
Part# 1K0423810A
Price: $31.99

Timing Belt Roller (Lower), 1.8T 20v and 2.0T FSi
Tie Rod End (Left) FEBI, Mk5/Mk6/B6/EOS
Part# 1K0423811E_FEBI
Price: $29.99

Timing Belt Roller (Upper), 2.0T FSi
Part# 06D109244E
Price: $42.99

Timing Belt Tensioner, 2.0T FSi
Part# 06D109243B
Price: $75.99

Timing Belt, 2.0T FSi
Part# 06D109119B
Price: $51.99

Torx Bolt - M6x16
Part# N10347003
Price: $0.99

Valve Cover Gasket, 2.0T FSi
Part# 06F103483D
Price: $14.99

Washer Pump Grommet
Part# 443955465
Price: $1.99

Water Pump 2.0T FSi
Part# 06F121011
Price: $65.99

Wheel Locks OEM VW/Audi Kit, 14x1.5
Part# 1K0698137A
Price: $59.99


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