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- Stage 1 Clutch Kit with Flywheel | Mk4 1.8T 6-Speed

52405615 - Stage 1 Clutch Kit with Flywheel | Mk4 1.8T




Product Info
This dual mass flywheel conversion kit replaces the stock dual mass setup in your 6 speed with the more reliable single mass setup. Not only is this lighter, but it is not prone to failure like the stock flywheel. This is an excellent upgrade for 337/20th/GLi owners how need to replace their clutch and have basic bolt ons like chip, intake and exhaust.

This kit includes:
- Replacement Single Mass Flywheel (22 lbs)
- Clutch Disc (240mm)
- Pressure Plate
- Release Bearing/Slave Cylinder
- Flywheel Bolts
- Pressure Plate Bolts

NOTE: This kit only fits 6-speed 1.8T engines.