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WCI SA07 Forged 3-piece Set of Wheels

WCI-SA07 WCI SA07 Forged 3-piece Set of Wheels




Centers Finish


Lip Finish

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Product Info

The sa07 was built for one of our good friends shane. It was meant to be more of a piece of art than anything. Do you focus your attention more on the aluminum that is still there or the cutouts? attention to detail is what this wheel is all about. We get inquires each and every day asking about our wheels and what makes them special or unique.

All of our forged wheels are built to order and made from the ground up. Nothing is stocked. Nothing is sitting on the shelf and ready to be shipped. No wheels are universal or pre cut prior to the order being taken. Every single order is custom built and tailored to that specific customer and their vehicle. Nothing is made over seas and nothing is mass produced. Truly high end luxurious wheels.

Available in any bolt pattern, offset, hubcentric and essentially any finish. Sizing is available from 16 to 24 inch in diameter. Essentially any width is available. Lip sizes range from 1 inch to 6 inch in a flat or step lip configuration. We essentially start with a block of aluminum for the forging so each and every forging is completely custom and unique. Because of that we can build a wheel with maximum concavity for each specifc car. Whether you want maximum concave, maximum lip or a mixture of both we have you covered. All of our fitments are guaranteed.

**All sales on our forged wheels are final. No refunds will be issued**

Wheels include:

- (4) center caps

- (4) valve stems

- Fully custom finishing to the customers desire

- All required hardware (lug nuts/bolts)

- 1 year manufacturer warranty