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fifteen52 Forged Monoblock RSL TurboMac by Ken Block 18x9

1552_Forged-MB-TurboMac fifteen52 Forged Monoblock RSL TurboMac by Ken Block 18x9


Starting @ $1099.52 per wheel

Product Info

As seen in Ken Block's Gymkhana SIX video,* his new 18x9 TurboMac wheel was actually co-designed by 1552 and KB himself.

Essentially a Tarmac (KB's previous signature wheel design) center with a vented 'turbo' ring; why we call it the TurboMac should need no explanation. *Turbo-fan wheel covers (as seen in the video) are not included

Built from solid 6061 forged aluminum billets, this is a very strong and relatively lightweight motorsports-quality wheel. Custom built to your PCD, offset, and center bore and offered with the world-famous '52' 3D center cap.

The 18x9 Forged Monoblock TurboMac wheels are in-stock ready to be customized to your specific PCD, offset, and centerbore.

Pricing starts at $1099.52 per wheel

fifteen52 Forged Monoblock wheels are built to order and not kept on the shelf. Because of the truly custom nature of these wheels online pricing and ordering is not possible, but the wheels can be built in about 4-6 weeks. Please email us at info@urotuning.com for a quote or for more information.