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Founded in 2005, 034 Motorsport is driven by the passion to bring motorsport-quality performance products and tuning to your Audi and Volkswagen vehicles. While 034 has expanded to meet the needs of growing Volkswagen and Audi enthusiasts, their devotion to customer service, innovation, performance, and quality remains. 034 Motorsport prides themselves on in-house parts manufacturing, with their Performance Facility in Fremont, CA covering all bases including engineering, manufacturing, calibrating, and testing, all under one roof. 034 has you covered on a wide range of parts like silicone hoses, intakes, suspension, motor mounts, and a ton of other under-the-hood performance parts!

034 Motorsport Silicone Hoses

034 Motorsport manufactures a wide range of silicone hose options for your Volkswagen or Audi vehicle! From turbo inlets, throttle body inlets, breather hoses, transition adapter hoses and more, consider 034 Motorsport your one stop brand for all things silicone hose related!

034 Motorsport Intakes

034 Motorsport engineers and manufactures all sorts of air intakes from high flow intake manifolds to carbon fiber cold air intake systems that are as beautiful as they are useful! Whether you're looking to simply upgrade your air filter or completely overhaul your engine's intake system, 034 Motorsport has the right part for you! The X34 intake pictured to the right is a lightweight, high performance intake option for MQB vehicles that has proven dyno-tested gains of up to 15 crank horsepower and 12 ft-lbs of torque on a completely stock vehicle!


034 Motorsport Suspension

034 Motorsport also engineers and manufactures a wide range of suspension parts including springs, sway bars, control arms, end links, and more! 034 suspension parts are designed, engineered, and manufactured to improve cornering, while maintaining daily-driven comfort and reliability.

034 Motorsport Motor Mounts

034 motor mounts and transmission mounts are machined specifically for your vehicle, and are the new standard in track performance. These mounts are designed with high performance in mind, and are made of billet aluminum and high-durometer rubber, making them virtually indestructible, while maintaining better ride characteristics than polyurethane alternatives. 034 Motorsport motor mounts also boast a lifetime guarantee regardless of power level applied or type of track racing they are used for.

034 Motorsport
Engine Performance

Amongst all of 034 Motorsports performance options listed above, there are a ton of other under-the-hood offerings like billet catch cans, downpipes, resonator deletes, ignition components, and more! As always, 034 Motorsport parts boast a made in the USA tag, and are designed, engineered, and manufactured at their home-base in Fremont, California!

034 Motorsport
Dynamic+ Tunes

Power is what we seek, but drivability makes it exhilarating for the long term. Many tuners simply crank up the boost and advance the timing, leading to a quick feeling car but at the sacrifice of drivability and smooth power delivery. This is especially important at the track where being smooth wins races and results in fast, safe and consistent lap times. 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Software makes more power, while increasing drivability through improved throttle resolution, smooth transient response (on/off boost) and mapping that is safe for the powertrain.

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