The Best Mods for European Cars

The 7 Best Mods & Performance Upgrades for your European Car

So you just picked up your new car. It’s bright and shiny and completely stock. -_- What’s next? The newness is starting to subside and you’re ready to start modding! But what to do!? There are so many options out there.. maybe a big wing or some of those sweet vent thingies.. but why just toss your money away. That’s where we come in! At UroTuning we are owned and operated BY enthusiasts, FOR enthusiasts, and we are here to help guide you to the car mod promised land.




BMW F80 M3

BMW F82 M4

BMW E9X 335i

BMW E9X 328i

BMW G80 M3

BMW G82 M4


BMW F3X 328i




MOD #1


One of the biggest performance gains and THE most bang for your buck mod you can do is a performance engine tune. There are a two options to squeeze out extra HP from a tune: a Piggyback system or an ECU Flash. The Plug and Play Piggyback option plugs into various sensors on the engine and "tricks" the ECU into creating more horsepower, typically through increased Boost pressure. On the other hand an ECU flash tune rewrites the stock tune and is able to make more fine tune changes and adjustments to get the maximum performance gains from the stock engine. UroTuning recommends going with the ECU Flash tune from the likes of Unitronic, Integrated Engineering for VW/Audi or bootmod3 for BMW/MINI. A stage one tune will make a huge difference and depending on your what your build is, you can often go to even higher stages as long as you get the supporting mods. You want to get them gains, get yourself a tune!

MOD #2


The engine of your European car functions fundamentally as an air pump: the greater the volume of air it can move, the more power it can generate! Factory intake systems are often designed with significant restrictions to minimize noise and enhance low-end torque. By upgrading to a performance cold air intake, you allow your engine to draw in more cold air, resulting in improved throttle response and a more satisfying engine sound, along with a noticeable increase in horsepower for your modified vehicle.

Performance Exhaust Systems

MOD #3


Upgrades to the exhaust system of European cars can significantly enhance the performance of your vehicle. Installing an aftermarket exhaust system ensures a faster, more efficient path for the exhaust gases to escape the engine. This process facilitates easier breathing for the engine, enabling it to produce additional horsepower. Beyond the performance benefits, one of the most appealing reasons for enhancing the exhaust system of your European car is the richer, more distinct sound it produces, adding an auditory thrill to your driving experience.

MOD #4


If you're looking to enhance the performance of your modified European car, consider upgrading your downpipe. This simple modification is a key step in unlocking additional horsepower from your engine. By reducing restrictions and improving airflow directly after the turbo, you can achieve substantial power gains over the stock downpipe. Moreover, an upgraded downpipe not only boosts power but also enriches the sound of your vehicle, making it a truly rewarding upgrade for any European car enthusiast.


MOD #5


To achieve that lowered stance, there are three options among the best mods for suspension systems on the market today: lowering springs, coilovers, or an Air Ride System.

1. Lowering Springs

Lowering springs are generally going to give you a more subtle drop. With springs, no adjustments can be made (unless you go with some Adjustable Lowering Springs).

2. Coilovers

If you want to dial it in or adjust it fully just how you want, then adjustable Coilovers may be the best fit for you.

3. Air Ride System

Want to lay frame at the show but also want to be able to get over speed bumps without problems? Then go all in on a complete Air Ride System. Full-ride height adjustability at the press of a button! Your budget will ultimately decide which path you take, but lowering is among the best mods for European cars!

Shop Suspension Upgrades

Shop Aftermarket Wheels

MOD #6


Wheels can change the entire look of your car in an instant. At UroTuning, we firmly believe in getting new wheels after you lower your car. It’s practically an unwritten law!

Upgrading your wheels gives you that curb appeal and the extra detail that proves you aren’t just another stock car on the road. Many options and price points for European car wheels are available, so choose wisely.

Wheels from Top Brands

MOD #7


When it comes to enhancing your European car, the initial excitement often leans towards boosting horsepower and torque. However, it's crucial to balance that newfound speed with dependable stopping power. While factory-installed brake pads do their job, exploring the wide range of upgrades available can significantly improve your vehicle's braking performance.

For starters, Ceramic Brake Pads are highly recommended. Not only do they produce less brake dust, but they also offer a stronger grip, ensuring quicker, more reliable stops. To take your braking capabilities a step further, consider upgrading to slotted or drilled rotors. These provide even better heat dissipation and braking efficiency, making them ideal for performance-focused drivers.

For those looking to maximize their vehicle's stopping power, investing in a Big Brake Kit is the ultimate upgrade. It's not just about performance; these kits also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your car, giving it a more aggressive and custom look. With the right setup, you can enjoy both the thrill of acceleration and the confidence in your car's ability to come to a prompt halt.

Brake Upgrade Options


  • Posted On March 26, 2024 by Joe Moore

    Mods on my MK6 GTI, P3 Vent Gauge, Bilstein Damptronic Suspension Kit, Neuspeed FMIC, HKS down pipe and HI-Flow cat, Golf R exhaust tips, rear bumper and spoiler, K04 turbo upgrade, R8 Performance coils, CTS Oil catch can w/PCV delete, GFB DV+ Diverter valve, Unitronic DV valve relocation kit, Unitronic CAI, Unitronic Stage II+ and Stage II TCU (DSG) tune

  • Posted On March 26, 2024 by Brian

    I need mods for my 2001 BMW 740i 4.4 v8

  • Posted On March 26, 2024 by Wayne Parks

    The Mk4 is getting some much needed upgrades heavier axles, short shifter and a new dogbone mount , Thank you for everything you do Uro Tuning!!

  • Posted On March 26, 2024 by ChuckB

    I’ve actually went through my 09 Audi A4 2.0t racing pistons, rods, bearings, larger valves, bigger turbo, intercooler ECU tune and rims. I started at Tune then went from there. Only one thing Big Turbo left!

  • Posted On June 19, 2023 by Christopher Brinkman

    My scirocco needs some updates

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