3SDM Wheels


3SDM is changing the wheel game. Constantly striving to push the envelope in design and style, 3SDM creates wheels that are fresh, new, and made exactly for you.

3SDM wheels are designed, engineered, and manufactured based on your exact specifications, and cast variations of their designs offer a ready-to-roll option that is stylish and affordable.

Every 3SDM wheel undergoes hours of de-burring, abrading, polishing, buffing and brushing to prepare the raw aluminium surface for anodizing or coating, leaving a final product that is unmatched in finish and overall quality.


Every 3SDM forged wheel is UK made from concept to realization, in 3SDM's own manufacturing facility. Highly trained engineers have complete control over all aspects of the manufacturing process and are able to offer extremely quick reaction times to market demands.

There are no cookie-cutter or generic specs here. When you order a forged wheel setup through 3SDM, every aspect of the wheel is up to you, including style, finish, dimensions, and offsets. 3SDMS designers have brake dimensions on file for most vehicles, so there is no need to do complicated caliper measurements to figure out your ideal wheel setup.

Whether you're looking for the ultimate concave, or the deepest dish, or both, 3SDM has you covered!

3SDM 0.01

The 0.01 model is 3SDM's first design, and is the wheel that put this brand on the map for creating beautifully designed and affordable aftermarket wheels.

The 0.01 features a slick multi-spoke design consisting of seven pairs of tapered bevelled spokes, giving this wheel a motorsport inspired look with a luxurious twist. The 0.01 model is perfect for giving your track-oriented performance build or daily driver an OEM+ luxury flair.

Available in black or silver in 18" 19" and 20"

3SDM 0.04

The 0.04 wheel design expands upon 3SDM's knack for creativity with a wheel that truly stands out. Featuring a directional multi-spoke design, this cast wheel looks great on just about any model.

Two different precision milled center-cap options let you hide your wheels lugs or leave them exposed, offering a smooth and simplistic look that oozes class.

The 3SDM 0.04 is the first dual-center directional monoblock alloy wheel on the market! Order yours today.

Available in silver in 18" 19" and 20"

3SDM 0.05

The 0.05 wheel design takes a different approach from the other 3SDM designs, looking to draw inspiration and aesthetic cues from old school wheels of the past.

3SDM flawlessly combines their love for innovation with a passion for automotive heritage to bring you a wheel with the best elements of modern and classic stylings; the 0.05!

Available in white, silver, and white/silver two-tone in 16" 18" 19" & 20"

3SDM 0.06

The 0.06 has grown to be one of 3SDM's notorious and recognizable wheels, and for good reason. Taking the classic known and loved 6 spoke design and giving it a 3SDM "twist", the 0.06 is a directional design that looks fantastic on a variety of models.

The elegant swirl of the six wide spokes complements any vehicle they accompany without becoming distracting.

Understated display of class is the name of the game for the 0.06.

Available in silver in 18" and 19"

3SDM 0.66

One of the brands boldest designs yet, the new 3SDM 0.66 harkens back to motorsport wheels of the past while retaining the unique styling you've come to expect from 3SDM. The multi-spoke design features an integrated plate-style cover, similar to wheels found on popular rally and touring cars of yesteryear. If you're looking to add a unique motorsport or rally inspired wheel to your build, these are the wheels for you.

Available in silver and matte black in 18"



3SDM 0.08

The 0.08 takes the popular 0.05 wheel design and hollows out some of the surface area to create a wheel with an open-spoke design that is lighter and better suited for larger vehicles.

Available in silver in 20"

3SDM 0.09

Another new offering from 3SDM, the 0.09 combines classic elements with bold angular design specs. The 0.09 features a multi-spoke design consisting of six pairs of tapered spokes, and incorporates a two stepped rim that accentuates the dish of the wheel itself.

Available in 18" and 19" in black, silver, and gold, with mirror or machined lip.

Revolutionize Your Ride: Discover the Art of 3SDM Wheels

For those who breathe life into their foreign cars with every curve and corner, 3SDM wheels aren't just accessories; they're style statements. It's where the passion for precision engineering and the flair for avant-garde design converge. As you're about to see, 3SDM is a gateway to transforming your vehicle into a masterpiece of motion. For Audi aficionados, BMW buffs or Volkswagen virtuosos, the journey to unparalleled style and performance begins here at UroTuning, where you'll find some truly amazing 3SDM wheels for sale.

If you're new to the 3SDM experience, welcome. You're joining a league of enthusiasts who know their motorcar is an extension of personal style and performance ethos. These wheels do more than spin – they tell a story of innovation, quality and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Every model in the 3SDM lineup is crafted with an eye for detail that would impress even the most discerning car connoisseur. Whether it's the sleek lines that slice the air with grace or the robust build that promises enduring performance, 3SDM rims and wheels are engineered to elevate your driving experience.



The Technology Behind the Wheel

What sets 3SDM wheels apart? The answer lies in a harmonious blend of art and science. From the original design to the final product, each aspect of a 3SDM wheel reflects a commitment to excellence. Let's explore the key components that make 3SDM wheels a preferred choice for foreign car enthusiasts seeking both style and substance:

Innovative Design and Engineering

● Fusion of artistic vision and technical precision in design.

● Balancing aesthetic appeal with structural integrity.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

● Use of cutting-edge forging and casting processes.

● Construction from premium-grade materials for optimal balance between weight and strength.

● Lightweight designs that enhance vehicle handling, braking and acceleration.

Rigorous Quality and Safety Testing

● Comprehensive impact and fatigue testing procedures.

● Simulation of real-world driving conditions for durability assurance.

● Assurance of high standards in quality and safety for every wheel.

Continuous Innovation and Improvement

● Embracing new technologies and materials for wheel design.

● Innovating in areas like lighter alloys and aerodynamic shapes.

● Staying ahead with products designed to meet future demands.

Commitment to Excellence

● Craftsmanship that goes beyond manufacturing.

● Wheels engineered for longevity and performance. ● A blend of style and functionality makes each wheel integral to the driving experience.


Alloy Wheel Types Explained

Explore the three kinds of alloy wheels to determine which is the best fit for your car.

Frequently Asked Questions: 3SDM WHEELS

If you have any questions or need more information about 3SDM and accessories, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Are 3SDM Rims Suitable for All European Cars?

While 3SDM rims are primarily designed for European car models like Audi, BMW and Volkswagen, we offer a range of sizes and fitments that can accommodate a variety of vehicles. It's important to check specific fitment and compatibility for your vehicle model before purchasing.

How Do I Choose the Right 3SDM Wheels for My Car?

Choosing the right wheels involves considering the size, style and finish that best suit your vehicle and personal preferences. It's also crucial to ensure the wheels are compatible with your car's make and model. Consulting with a specialist or using the fitment guide in our product description can help you make the right choice.

What Is the Warranty on 3SDM Wheels?

3SDM wheels typically come with a one-year warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty applies to wheels and the other products we carry. (Defects related to modifications, installer error, vehicle failure or improper use aren't covered under the warranty.) You can see the complete UroTuning warranty details here.

Experience the Ultimate Upgrade With 3SDM Wheels from UroTuning

3SDM wheels – with their unparalleled blend of style, strength and engineering – transform your ride into something truly extraordinary. And there's no better place to start this transformation than with UroTuning, your trusted source for the finest in automotive upgrades. With our extensive selection of 3SDM rims, you're sure to find the perfect match for your car and your personal style. Explore 3SDM wheels for sale at UroTuning today!




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