42 Draft Mk3 VR6 Test Pipe (NLA)

Part# EX03VRTP

Looking to enhance the sound of your VR6 while also freeing up additional HP?

Our VR6 test pipe is a perfect fit!

Removing the catalytic converter on a VR6 results in a sharper exhaust note and better flow. Horsepower gains of 3-5hp can be had in the upper RPM ranges while low end torque is not sacrificed. Our test pipes are CNC mandrel bent, TIG welded for a perfect fit in a variety of applications. We have test pipes available for the mk3 VR6, Corrado, and early Passat. Please see our application list below to choose the proper test pipe for your vehicle.


  • CNC mandrel bent 14 gauge aluminized steel tubing
  • CNC machined 3/8" thick flange mates exactly to the stock flange and gasket
  • TIG welded construction
  • 2.5" piping reduces to the stock 2.150" band clamp for a bolt-on fit


  • Fits exactly like the stock cat. No cutting or custom fitment required
  • Mk3 OBD1 & OBD2, Corrado G60 & SLC, B3& B4 Passat versions available
  • Oxygen sensor bung location suits every vehicle without modification of heatsheilds or sensor wiring. OBD1 & OBD2? Don't worry, one model fits all
  • Pipe size reduction means the stock band clamp fits with no hammering or sealant
  • 2.5" through versions available in all fitments (no reduction to stock band clamp)
  • Includes grade 5 hardware and OEM gasket
  • Installation instructions included

2.5" Through Test Pipes - Fitment Details

By popular request our test pipes are now available in 2.5" through. These pipes fit exactly like the original but lack the reduction to stock band clamp size. This allows for a straight-through fitment when using 2.5" exhaust. Our 2.5" through test pipes terminate at the center of the stock band clamp. Many 2.5" cat-back exhaust systems for the mk3 VR6 have a built in reduction to the stock band clamp size. In this case, the cat-back exhaust system will need to be modified. The reduction will need to be removed, a 2.5" section of pipe added and a 2.5" band clamp added. Many cat-back exhaust systems begin at the center of the stock band clamp as 2.5". In this case no modification is required. Due to the variances in ca-tback designs we cannot provide a 100% bolt-on 2.5" through test pipe for any or all aftermarket exhaust systems.

Available Fitments

42 Test Pipe
mk3 OBD1 VW mk3 Jetta, Golf, GTI 1994-1995 VR6 & 2.0
mk3 OBD2 VW mk3 Jetta, Golf, GTI 1996-1999 VR6 & 2.0
Corrado SLC VW Corrado 1989-1995 SLC VR6
MK2 / B3 / B4 / G60

VW mk2 Jetta, Golf, GTI 1985-1992 8v & 16v
VW B3/B4 Passat up to 1997 VR6, 2.0 & 16v
VW Corrado 1989-1995 G60

Power Gains

Let's face it, removing the cat isn't going to be like a shot of nitrous. However, we find this modification to be very worthwhile. Years ago we did a back to back test and found peak gains of 5whp and 6wtq on a normally modified all-motor VR6. Those numbers are certainly worthwhile in a detailed all-motor build. Evan larger power gains can be had on supercharged or turbocharged car. Of course, individual power gains depend on the condition of the catalytic converter removed, the exhaust system used, and the condition of the motor. We wouldn't build them if they didn't work.

The Sound

The resulting sound of a test pipe also depends on the exhaust system used. Overall, adding a test pipe increases the volume of the exhaust note while also providing a much sharper sound. For example, when using a Magnaflow 2.25" cat-back exhaust system the volume of the exhaust note increases some at idle and cruising while becoming significantly louder at higher RPMs. Idle and low-load cruising attract little additional attention to the vehicle. High-revs and aggressive driving are obviously louder activities. Inside the car all low rpm 'drone' disappears. The exhaust note can be heard, but does not drown out the radio or conversation.


  • Check local laws and emissions testing requirements before purchasing. In many states it is illegal to remove emissions devices.
  • May cause 'catalyst below efficiency' fault code and / or check engine light (CEL) to illuminate in the instrument cluster
  • For off road racing and testing purposes only!

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